Aspects of the Botswana Economy

January 1998
592 pages
30x21 cm
ISBN: 9780852551592
Format: Paperback
James Currey

Aspects of the Botswana Economy

Selected Papers

Edited by J.S. Salkin et al.

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Botswana's economy has always been held up as a success story which could be a model for others to follow.
Documenting the success of the emerging Botswanian economy, this volume of papers provides research, analysis and statistical updates which should be of use to other economies throughout Africa and the Third World.
Botswana: Lentswe La Lesedi
Keywords: African Studies


The economy of Botswana is a success story, one founded upon a combination of good luck and good judgement. It is also founded upon a paradox, for though Botswana is a capitalist economy, it is a very planned capitalist economy. Government policy towards the economy is also backed by government action in the economy through carefully planned developmental initiatives and the level of government resources as manifest in its control over huge foreign exchange reserves. It is an economic success based upon windfall incomes from mineral booms but, unlike Nigeria, which also received windfall incomes, the Botswana authorities, aware of the potential instability of such windfalls, resisted any temptations to go on a spending spree ... This book is a welcome addition to the literature on economic development in sub-Saharan Africa's success story. Perhaps Botswana should be considered to be sub-Saharan Africa's very own 'developmental state'. - Willie Henderson in AFRICAN AFFAIRS