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ALT 39

Series edited by Ernest N Emenyonu

Guest editor Louisa Uchum Egbunike and Chimalum Nwankwo

ALT 40

Edited by Ernest N Emenyonu

Architecture and Politics in Africa

Edited by Joanne Tomkinson, Daniel Mulugeta and Julia Gallagher

At the Crossroads

by Rebecca Jones

Competing Catholicisms

by Jean Luc Enyegue SJ

Contested Sustainability

Edited by Stefano Ponte, Christine Noe and Dan Brockington

Cultivating Their Own

by Muey Saeteurn

Decolonising State & Society in Uganda

Edited by Katherine Bruce-Lockhart, Jonathon L. Earle, Nakanyike B. Musisi and Edgar C. Taylor

Disability in Africa

Edited by Nic Hamel and Toyin Falola

Disability Rights and Inclusiveness in Africa

Edited by Jeff D. Grischow and Magnus Mfoafo-M'Carthy

Ethiopian Warriorhood

by Tsehai Berhane-Selassie

From Rebels to Rulers

by Paul Naylor

Imperialism and Development

by Nicholas Westcott

India's Development Diplomacy & Soft Power in Africa

Edited by Kenneth King and Meera Venkatachalam

Inside Mining Capitalism

Edited by Benjamin Rubbers

Islam in Uganda

by Joseph Kasule

Liberated Africans and the Abolition of the Slave Trade, 1807-1896

Edited by Richard Anderson and Henry B. Lovejoy


by Julian Brown

Nairobi in the Making

by Constance Smith


by John Kinahan

Nigeria's Digital Diaspora

by Farooq A. Kperogi

Overcoming Boko Haram

Edited by Abdul Raufu Mustapha and Kate Meagher

Pokot Pastoralism

by Hauke-Peter Vehrs

Sacred Queer Stories

by Adriaan van Klinken, Johanna Stiebert, Brian Sebyala and Fredrick Hudson


by Chege Githiora

The Other Abyssinians

by Brian J. Yates

They Called You Dambudzo

by Flora Veit-Wild

Transport Corridors in Africa

Edited by Hugh Lamarque and Paul Nugent

Women & Peacebuilding in Africa

Edited by Ladan Affi, Liv Tønnessen and Aili Mari Tripp

Written under the Skin

by Carli Coetzee