Arthurian Literature XXVI

December 2009
228 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Arthurian Literature
ISBN: 9781843842118
Format: Hardback
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Arthurian Literature XXVI

Edited by Elizabeth Archibald, David F. Johnson

Arthurian Literature has established its position as the home for a great diversity of new research into Arthurian matters. Delivers some fascinating material across genres, periods, and theoretical issues. TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT
The Arthurian material collected in this volume ranges widely in time and space, from a Latin romance based on Welsh sources to the post-Christian Arthur of modern fiction and film. It begins with a tribute to the late Derek Brewer, a reprinting of the classic introduction to his edition of the last two tales of Malory's Morte Darthur. Further subjects covered include a possible source manuscript for Malory's first tale; the "Arthuricity" of the little-known Latin romance Arthur and Gorlagon; images of sterility and fertility in the continuations of Chretien's Conte du Graal; and early modern responses to Geoffrey of Monmouth's account of Arthur's dealings with Rome. Norris Lacy ranges widely over the evolution of the Arthurian legend, and Ronald Hutton considers representations of both Christian and pagan religion in modern novels and cinema. The volume ends with a bibliographical supplement on recent additions to Arthurian fiction.

CONTRIBUTORS: Derek Brewer, Jonathan Passaro, Amanda Hopkins, Thomas Hinton, Sian Echard, Norris Lacy, Ronald Hutton, Raymond Thompson.

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Table of Contents

General Editors' Preface
Introduction to the Morte Darthur, Parts 7 and 8 - Derek S Brewer
Malory's Text of the Suite du Merlin - Jonathan Passaro
Why Arthur at all? The Dubious Arthuricity of Arthur and Gorlagon - Amanda Hopkins
The Aesthetics of Communication: Sterility and Fertility in the Conte del Graal Cycle - Thomas Hinton
'Whyche thyng semeth not to agree with other histories...': Rome in Geoffrey of Monmouth and his early modern readers - Sian Echard
Arthurian Texts in their Historical and Social Context - Norris J Lacy
The Post-Christian Arthur - Ronald Hutton
Supplement: The Arthurian Legend in Literature, Popular Culture, and the Performing Arts, 2004-2008 - Raymond H Thompson and Norris J Lacy

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