Arthurian Literature XX

October 2003
217 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Arthurian Literature
ISBN: 9780859917988
Format: Hardback
BISAC LIT012000, LIT011000

Arthurian Literature XX

Edited by Keith Busby, Roger Dalrymple

Studies of major Arthurian works and authors in Old French, Middle High German, Middle English, and of one important novel by C. S. Lewis.
Arthurian Literature continues the policy of alternating themed issues and miscellanies. This varied collection includes studies of major Arthurian works and authors in Old French, Middle High German, Middle English, and of one important novel by C.S. Lewis. A controversial textual crux in Chrétien's Yvain, debated vigorously by scholars in the late 1980s, is revisited, while the narrative function of clothing in Chrétien's romances comes under review. An enigmatic and linguistically difficult passage from Der jüngere Titurel is translated and discussed, and an article on Der arme Heinrich studies this pious tale in the context of its generic affiliations: while not strictly speaking an Arthurian romance, it deserves consideration here as a work of one of medieval Germany's most significant writers of Arthurian romance. There is discussion of Thomas Chestre's adoption of the lai as a vehicle for social criticism in his Middle English adaptation of Marie de France's Lanval; the evolution of Arthurian romance in medieval England is also the primary concern in a study of The Awntyrs off Arthure. The figure of Arthur himself is central to an examination of the Middle English Prose Brut, and the delicate political implications of Malory's Morte Darthur are explored. Finally, C.S. Lewis's transformation and use of the figures of Uther Pendragon and Merlin in That Hideous Strength is explored. Contributors: RICHARD BARBER, JANE DEWHURST, TAMAR DRUKKER, CYRIL EDWARDS, DINA HAZELL, DONALD KENNEDY, GERALD SEAMAN, KRISTA SUE-LO-TWU, JANINA P. TRAXLER, MONICA L. WRIGHT.

Table of Contents

Reassessing Chrétien's Elusive Vanz - Gerald Seaman
Their Clothing Becomes Them: The Narrative Function of Clothing in Chrétien de Troyes - Monica L. Wright
Generic Hybridity in Hartmann von Aue's Der Arme Heinrich - Jane Dewhurst
The Grail Temple in Der jüngere Titurel [with Cyril Edwards] - Richard W Barber
The Grail Temple in Der jüngere Titurel [with Richard Barber] - Cyril Edwards
The Awntyrs off Arthure at the Terne Wathelyne: Reliquary for Romance - Krista Sue-Lo Twu
The Blinding of Gwennere: Thomas Chestre as Social Critic - Dinah Hazell
Malory's Morte Darthur: A Politically Neutral English Adaptation of the Arthurian Story - Edward Donald Kennedy
King, Crusader, Knight: The Composite Arthur of the Middle English Prose Brut - Tamar Drukker
Pendragon, Merlin and Logos: The Undoing of Babel in That Hideous Strength - Janina P Traxler


[Its] rich variety is no small part of the value of this work....Arthurian scholars in French, German and English will find something of value in this collection. It should be read by all interested in Arthur. ARTHURIANA

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