Arthurian Literature XIX

Arthurian Literature XIX

Comedy in Arthurian Literature

Edited by Keith Busby, Roger Dalrymple





Articles on comedy in Arthurian romance - French, Dutch, Italian, Scottish and English.
The texts analyzed underline the wide dissemination of the Arthurian story in medieval and post-medieval Europe, from Scotland to Italy, while the various analyses of the manifestations of comedy refute the notion of romance as a humourless genre. Indeed, the comic treatment of conventional themes and motifs appears to be not only characteristic of later romance but an essential element of the genre from its beginnings and from its earliest development. Authors of Arthurian romance, from Chrétien de Troyes to Malory, writing in French, Italian, Middle Dutch, and Middle English, and the creators of an Irish prose-tale, all question the fundamental assumptions of romance and romance values through the medium of comedy. The theme of comedy in Arthurian romance has been developed from the orignal session at the Arthurian Congress in Toulouse. Contributors: ELIZABETH ARCHIBALD, FRANK BRANDSMA, CHRISTINE FERLAMPIN-ACHER, LINDA GOWANS, DONALD L. HOFFMAN, MARGOLEIN HOGENBIRK, NORRIS J. LACY, MARILYN LAWRENCE, BENEDICTE MILLAND-BOVE, PETER S. NOBLE, KAREN PRATT, ANGELICA RIEGER, ELIZABETH S. SKLAR, FRANCESCO ZAMBON.

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An e-book version of this title is available (9781417524464), to libraries through a number of trusted suppliers. See here for a full list of our partners.


December 2002
1 black and white illustrations
240 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Arthurian Literature
ISBN: 9780859917452
Format: Hardback
BIC DSB, 2AB, 3H, 4P
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Table of Contents

Comedy and Tragedy in Some Arthurian Recognition Scenes - Elizabeth Archibald
Merveilleux et comique dans les romans arthuriens français (XIIe-Xve siècles) - Christine Ferlampin-Acher
La bande dessinée virtuelle du lion d'Yvain. Sur le sens de l'humour de Chrétien de Troyes - Angelica Rieger
Convention, Comedy and the Form of La Vengeance Raguidel - Norris J Lacy
Le Comique dans Les Merveilles de Rigomer et Hunbaut - Peter S Noble
Humour in the Roman de Silence - Karen Pratt
La pratique de la 'disconvenance' comique dans le Lancelot en prose: les mésaventures amoureuses de Guerrehet - Benedicte Milland-Bove
Lancelot part 3 - Frank Brandsma
Comic Functions of the Parrot as Minstrel in Le Chevalier du Papegau - Marilyn Lawrence
Dinadan en Italie - Francesco Zambon
A Comical Villain. Artur's seneschal in a section of the Middle Dutch Lancelot Compilation - Marjolein Hogenbirk
Malory and the English Comic Tradition - Donald L Hoffman
'Laughyng and Smylyng': Comic Modalities in Malory's Tale of Sir Launcelot du Lake - Elizabeth S Sklar
The Eachtra an Amadáin Mhóir as a Response to the Perceval of Chrétien de Troyes - L M Gowans

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