Arthurian Literature XIII

Arthurian Literature XIII

Edited by James P Carley, Felicity Riddy





Latest volume in this series containing the best new work on Arthurian topics.
The latest volume of Arthurian Literature includes an edition and study of the widely disseminated Latin translation of Des Grantz Geanz(`De origine gigantum') by James Carley and Julia Crick, with a feminist reading of the poem by Lesley Johnson. Claude Luttrell writes on Chrétien's Cligès; Corinne Saunders explores the issue of rape in Chaucer's Wife of Bath's Tale, Neil Wright offers a reconstruction of the Arthurian epitaph in Royal 20 B.XV, Frank Brandsma discusses the treatment of simultaneity in Yvain, Chanson de Roland and a section of the Lancelot en prose, Julia Crick updates the progress on the manuscripts of Geoffrey of Monmouth, and A.H.W. Smith contributes a supplement to the bibliography of twentieth-century Arthurian literature begun in earlier volumes.


February 1995
2 line illustrations
199 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Arthurian Literature
ISBN: 9780859914499
Format: Hardback
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Table of Contents

Constructing Albion's Past: an Annotated Edition of `De Origine Gigantum' -
Woman Displaced: Rape and Romance in Chaucer's `Wife of Bath's Tale' - Corinne Saunders
Return to Albion - Lesley Johnson
The Heart's Mirror in `Cligés' -
Two Newly Located Manuscripts of Geoffrey of Monmouth's `Historia Regum Britannie' and (with James Carley) Constructing Albion's Past: an Annotated Edition of `De Origine Gigantum'Past: an Annotated Edition of `De Origine Gigantum' -
The Suggestion of Simultaneity in Chrétien de Troyes' `Yvain', in the `Chanson de Roland', and in the `Préparation à la Queste' Section of the `Lancelot en prose'Section of the `Lancelot en prose' - Frank Brandsma
A Supplementary Bibliography of Twentieth-Century Arthurian Literature - Andrew H W Smith
Constructing Albion's Past: an Annotated Edition of `De Origine Gigantum' - James Carley


Une collection d'articles de grand interet. ETUDES ANGLAISESAn indispensable componenet of any historical or Arthurian library. NOTES AND QUERIES

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