Arthurian Archives

The Arthurian legend continues to appeal strongly to the interests of scholars and the imaginations of general readers alike, and books and articles on the subject appear with impressive regularity. Despite that unflagging interest, however, many of the medieval texts from which the legend sprang are unavailable or of difficult access. A good many of them remain unedited, whereas many others were printed in editions that are no longer available. Still others are available in acceptable editions but have not been translated into English for the use of a public unable to read them in the original.

Arthurian Archives seeks to address these problems with a set of edited texts and facing translations of medieval French, German, Dutch, Italian, Latin and Scandinavian Arthurian compositions. Many are edited and translated here for the first time; others are previously published texts, now out of print. The aim is to offer complete and authoritative editions accompanied by facing English translations that can be used either independently of the original or as a reliable guide to it. Texts are accompanied by introductions, variants and rejected readings, critical notes, and bibliography.

Series Editors

Norris J. Lacy
Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of French and Medieval Studies
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802-6203
[email protected]

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