Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales

September 2009
10 colour, 60 black and white illustrations
214 pages
24.4x17.2 cm
ISBN: 9781843834809
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press

Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales

Life, Death and Commemoration

Edited by Steven Gunn, Linda Monckton

The Tudor king who never was: Arthur's life and death newly examined.
Prince Arthur (1486-1502), son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, was the great hope of early Tudor England. Today he is largely forgotten, remembered only as Henry VIII's shadowy elder brother, the first husband of Katherine of Aragon. But in his lifetime Arthur counted for much more than that. Groomed for kingship, sent to govern Wales and the Marches, married to secure the Spanish alliance, celebrated in portraits, poems and pageants, Arthur stood at the centre of his father's plans. His death brought a grand funeral and a lasting monument, the chantry chapel covered in Tudor badges that still stands in Worcester Cathedral. These richly illustrated essays, by historians, art historians and archaeologists, investigate Arthur's life and posthumous commemoration from every angle. They set him in the context of the fledgling Tudor regime and of the religion, art and architecture of late medieval death and memory. They close with an exploration of the re-enactment of Arthur's funeral at Worcester in 2002, an event that sought to rescue the prince from the oblivion that has been his lot for five hundred years.


Table of Contents

Introduction: Arthur Tudor, the Forgotten Prince - Steven Gunn and Linda Monckton
Prince Arthur's Preparation for Kingship - Steven Gunn
The King of Spain's Daughter came to visit me: Marriage, Princes and Politics - Ian Arthurson
The Portraiture of Prince Arthur and Katherine of Aragon - Frederick Hepburn
Arthur, Harri Tudor and the Iconography of Loyalty in Wales - John Morgan-Guy
Prince Arthur's Funeral -
Arthur's Tomb and its Context - Mark Duffy
Prince Arthur's Chapel and Tomb: an Archaeological Analysis - Chris Guy and John Hunter
Regional Architecture or National Monument? The Architecture of Prince Arthur's Chantry Chapel - Linda Monckton
Worcester and Westminster: the figure-sculpture of Prince Arthur's Chapel - Philip G Lindley
The Re-Enactment of the Funeral of Prince Arthur - Julian Litten


[An] important and valuable study. [...] These essays constitute valuable contributions to our knowledge and understanding of Arthur and his impact on English politics and art. ANGLICAN AND EPISCOPAL HISTORY

The text is beautifully illustrated and gives a sense of the importance of Arthur's birth and the hopes that went with it. It is a welcome addition to the study of early Tudor England. SIXTEENTH CENTURY JOURNAL

This is an excellent collection, rescuing Arthur from the historiographical oblivion in which he has languished for 500 years. [...] The essays in this book certainly provide new avenues for thought and future research on Arthur himself and the development of early Tudor England more generally. THE RICARDIAN

This is a readable and well-illustrated volume; more of this sort on the Tudors would be all to the good. JOURNAL OF BRITISH STUDIES

Gunn and Monckton have created a monograph rich in detail which offers a satisfying level of interdisciplinary scholarship and one which succeeds in its purpose: to remember Prince Arthur, the 'forgotten prince'. [...] Perhaps this book will mark a new direction in Tudor scholarship towards not only the life of Prince Arthur, but the early Tudor period more generally. What better legacy for a book seeking to commemorate a 'forgotten prince'? REVIEWS IN HISTORY
< A beautifully produced book that aims to revive interest in 'the forgotten prince' and his largely overlooked monument. [Includes] a wealth of fascinating material for Tudor scholars and all those interested in royalty, burial rites and commemoration. CHURCH MONUMENTS
The Boydell Press is to be complimented on this handsome volume, with ten colour plates and 53 monochrome illustrations, many of superb quality. WORCESTERSHIRE RECORDER
Conferences do not always transfer well to print, but this book shows how fruitful they can be. TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT

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