Apollonius of Tyre

Apollonius of Tyre

Medieval and Renaissance Themes and Variations

Elizabeth Archibald





A comparative study of one of the most familiar stories in medieval romance (used by Gower, Shakespeare, etc.), from late Antiquity into the Renaissance.
The Historia Apollonii is a rare Latin example of a genre of literature more fully attested in Greek, the so-called `Greek romance' - popular stories which involve lovers or families separated byshipwreck and misfortune and eventually joyfully reunited. It was one of the most widely and continuously read texts to survive from late Antiquity through the middle ages and into the Renaissance almost unchanged. Elizabeth Archibald's study of the Historia Apollonii, taking a valuable comparative approach, discusses the text's merits and interest, its date and possible origin, the present state of scholarship, and the question of its reception and genre in the middle ages and Renaissance. There follows a complete survey of the medieval and early Renaissance use and knowledge of the Historia Apollonii throughout Europe; and the book is completed with the text and translation of the romance itself. An indispensable work for students of medieval romance.

ELIZABETH ARCHIBALD is Professor of English, Durham University.


June 1991
1 line illustrations
264 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9780859913164
Format: Hardback
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Archibald has not only filled a major gap in scholarship; she has given us a well-planned, original, intellectually powerful study, a most useful bilingual edition of the Historia Apollonii regis Tyri, and a thorough bibliographical treatment... excellent book. NOTES AND QUERIES
Remarkably well-documented study... Two extremely useful appendices give all the known Latin and vernacular versions of the tale and allusions to it. ...awesome extent and breadth of reading...this is truly comparative literature. MODERN LANGUAGE REVIEW
An admirable map for anyone working on Periclesor medieval story or the history of taste. REVIEW OF ENGLISH STUDIES
As a whole the book is a splendid production: it will be an indispensable standard work for all further work on the Apollonius romances. ANGLIA

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