Anglo-Norman Studies XXXII

July 2010
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Anglo-Norman Studies
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Anglo-Norman Studies XXXII

Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2009

Edited by C.P. Lewis

A series which is a model of its kind EDMUND KING, HISTORY
This latest collection reflects the full range and vitality of the current work on the Anglo-Norman period. It opens with the R. Allen Brown Memorial Lecture for 2009, a wide-ranging reflection by the distinguished French historian Dominique Barthélemy on the Peace of God and the role of bishops in the long eleventh century. Economic history is prominent in papers on the urban transformation in England between 900 and 1100, on the roots of the royal forest in England, and on trade links between England and Lower Normandy. A close study of the Surrey manor of Mortlake brings in topography, another aspect of which appears in an article on the representation of outdoor space by Norman and Anglo-Norman chroniclers. Social history is treated in papers dealing with the upbringing of the children of the Angevin counts and with the developing ideas of knighthood and chivalry in the works of Dudo of Saint-Quentin and Benoît of Sainte-Maure. Finally, political ideas are examined through careful reading of texts in papers on writing the rebellion of Earl Waltheof in the twelfth century and on the use of royal titles and prayers for the king in Anglo-Norman charters.

Contributors: Dominique Barthélemy, Kathryn Dutton, Leonie Hicks, Richard Holt, Joanna Huntington, Laurence Jean-Marie, Dolly Jorgensen, Max Lieberman, Stephen Marritt, Pamela Taylor

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Table of Contents

The Peace of God and Bishops ar War in the Gallic Lands from the Late Tenth to the Early Twelfth Century [R. Allen Brown Memorial Lecture] - Dominique Barthelemy
Ad erudiendum tradidit: The Upbringing of Angevin Comital Children - Kathryn Dutton
Coming and Going: The Use of Outdoor Space in Norman and Anglo-Norman Chronicles - Leonie V. Hicks
The Urban Transformation in England, 900-1100 - Richard Holt
The Taming of the Laity: Writing Waltheof and Rebellion in the Twelfth Century - Joanna Huntington
Close Relations? Some Examples of Trade Links between England and the Towns and Ports of Lower Normandy in the Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries - Laurence Jean-Marie
The Roots of the English Royal Forest - Dolly Jorgensen
Knighthood and Chivalry in the Histories of the Norman Dukes: Dudo and Benoît - Max Lieberman
Prayers for the King and Royal Titles in Anglo-Norman Charters - Stephen Marritt
Domesday Mortlake - Pamela Taylor

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