Anglo-Norman Studies XXVI

July 2004
202 pages
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Anglo-Norman Studies
ISBN: 9781843830726
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Anglo-Norman Studies XXVI

Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2003

Edited by John Gillingham

The sense of a group of scholars sharing work in progress comes over on numerous occasions... a series which is a model of its kind. EDMUND KING, HISTORY
The emphasis in this collection of recent work on the Anglo-Norman realm is particularly on narrative sources: Dudo, Vita Ædwardi Regis, monastic chronicle audiences in the Fens, the chronicles of Anjou, the Warenne view of the past - and much later sources for stereotypical images of the Normans. There are also papers analysing both charter and chronicle evidence in reconsiderations of the succession disputes following the deaths of William I and William II. Papers range geographically from Anjou to the Irish Sea zone. Contributors, from France and Germany as well as from Britain, Ireland and the US, are BERNARD S. BACHRACH, RICHARD BARBER, JULIA BARROW, CLARE DOWNHAM, VERONIQUE GAZEAU, JOHN GRASSI, ELISABETH VAN HOUTS, JENNIFER PAXTON, NEIL STREVETT, NEIL WRIGHT.

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Table of Contents

R. Allen Brown Memorial Lecture: The Norman Conquest and the Media - Richard W Barber
Dudo of St Quentin and Norman Military Strategy ca. 1000 - Bernard S Bachrach
Clergy in the diocese of Hereford in the eleventh and twelfth centuries - Julia Barrow
England and the Irish-Sea Zone in the Eleventh Century - Clare Downham
Les abbés bénédictins de la Normandie ducale - Véronique Gazeau
The Vita AEdwardi Regis The Hagiographer as Insider - John Grassi
The Warenne View of the Past, 1066-1203 - Elisabeth M C van Houts
Textual Communities in the English Fenlands: A Lay Audience for Monastic Chronicles? - Jennifer Paxton
1088-William II and the Rebels - Richard Sharpe
The Anglo-Norman Civil War of 1101 Reconsidered - Neil Strevett
Epic and Romance in the Chronicles of Anjou - Neil Wright

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