Anglo-Norman Studies XXII

August 2000
21 black and white, 46 line illustrations
352 pages
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Anglo-Norman Studies
ISBN: 9780851157962
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Boydell Press

Anglo-Norman Studies XXII

Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1999

Edited by Christopher Harper-Bill

No single recent enterprise has done more to enlarge and deepen our understanding of one of the most critical periods in English history. ANTIQUARIES JOURNAL
Anglo-Norman Studies, published annually and containing the papers presented at the Battle conference founded by R. Allen Brown, is established as the single most important publication in the field (as a glance at bibliographies of the period will confirm), covering not only matters relating to pre- and post-Conquest England and France, but also the activities and influences of the Normans on the wider European, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern stage. Among other subjects, this year's articles look at Norman architecture and its place in north-west European art; shipping and trade between England and the Continent; Dudo of St Quentin; and castles and garrisons.

Table of Contents

R. Allen Brown Memorial Lecture: Norman Architecture around the Year 1000: its Place in the Art of North-Western Europe - Maylis Bayle
Before the Gesta Normannorum and beyond Dudo: Some Evidence on Early Norman Historiography - Argonaut Heating Ltd
Chancellors and Curial Bishops: Ecclesiastical Promotions and Power in Anglo-Norman England - Stephanie Mooers Christelow
Shipping and Trade between England and the Continent during the Eleventh Century - Mark Gardiner
Robert Curthose Reassessed - Judith Green
The Bayeux Tapestry and Schools of Illumination at Canterbury - C R Hart
Castle Rising, Norfolk: a 'Landscape of Lordship'? - Robert E Liddiard
Friendship among the Aristocracy in Anglo-Norman England - John Meddings
Anglo-Norman Garrisons -
The Yorkshire Domesday Clamores and the 'Lost Fee' of William Malet - P R Newman
The Wealth of the Secular Aristocracy in 1086 - J J N Palmer
The 'Feudal Revolution' in Eleventh-Century East Anglia - Andrew Wareham
The Myth of the Anarchy - Graeme J White

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