Anglo-Norman Studies XXI

July 1999
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282 pages
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Anglo-Norman Studies
ISBN: 9780851157450
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Anglo-Norman Studies XXI

Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1998

Edited by Christopher Harper-Bill

No single recent enterprise has done more to enlarge and deepen our understanding of one of the most critical periods in English history. ANTIQUARIES JOURNAL
Anglo-Norman Studies, published annually and containing the papers presented at the Battle conference, is established as the single most important publication in the field, covering not only matters relating to pre- and post-Conquest England and France, but also the activities and influences of the Normans on the wider European, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern stage; it celebrates its twenty-first anniversary with this volume. This year there is an emphasis on the examination of sources: translation-narratives, the Life of Hereward, the Book of Llandaf, a Mont Saint Michel cartulary, Benoit de Sainte-Maure and Roger of Howden. Secular topics include Anglo-Flemish relations and the origins of an important family; ecclesiastical matters considered are the Breton church in the late eleventh century, William Rufus's monastic policy, the patrons of the great abbey of Bec, and, for the first time in this series, the life of St Thomas of Canterbury.

Table of Contents

Saxons, Normans and their Buildings -
En nul leu truis escrit: Research and Invention in Benoit de Ste Maure's Chronique des ducs de Normandie - Peter Damian-Grint
The Book of Llandaf: a Twelfth Century Perspective - John R. Davies
Pope Gregory VII, the Archbishopric of Dol and the Normans - Paula de Fougerolles
Translation-Narratives in Post-Conquest Hagiography and English Resistance to the Norman Conquest - Paul A. Hayward
Bibliotheque municipale d'Avranches, 210; Cartulary of Mont Saint Michel - K. S. B Keats-Rohan
William Rufus and the Benedictine Order - Emma Mason
The Political Relations between England and Flanders (1066-1128) - Renee Nip
The Anglo-Flemish Treaty of 1101 - Elisabeth M C van Houts
The Benefactors of Bec and the Politics of Priories - Julie Potter
Thomas Becket's Conversion - Michael Staunton
The Gesta Herwardi, the English and their Conquerors - Hugh M Thomas
Warin and Henry fitz Gerald; the origins of the Fitzgeralds revisited - Nicholas C. Vincent
Roger of Howden Strikes Back: Investing Arthur of Brittany with the Anglo-Norman Future - Michelle R. Warren

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