Anglo-Norman Studies XX

Anglo-Norman Studies XX

Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1997

Edited by Christopher Harper-Bill


Boydell Press



The Anglo-Norman world, with particular focus on the Normans in Ireland.
Founded by Professor R. Allen Brown, the Battle Conference this year celebrates its 20th meeting in Dublin with a particular focus on Irish topics. Anglo-Norman Studies, published annually and containing the papers presented at the conference, is established as the single most important publication in the field (as a glance at bibliographies of the period will confirm), covering not only matters relating to pre- and post-Conquest England and France, but also the activities and influences of the Normans on the wider European, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern stage.


June 1998
7 black and white, 3 line illustrations
256 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Anglo-Norman Studies
ISBN: 9780851155739
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
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Table of Contents

`The Conversion of the Scandinavians of Dublin'. - Lesley Abrams
`Clio's Legal Cosmetics': Law and Custom in the Work of Medieval Historians'. - Marjorie Chibnall
`The 1210 Campaign in Ireland: Evidence for a Military Revolution?'. - Stephen D. Church
`Mrs Ella Armitage and Irish Archaeology'. - J M B Counihan
`Ireland's Hastings: the Anglo-Norman Conquest of Dublin'. - Sean Duffy
`The `Justiciarship' in Brittany and Ireland under Henry II'. -
`Strategies of Lordship in Pre-Norman and Post-Norman Leinster'. -
`Ancestors and Predecessors: Royal Continuity and Identity in the First Kingdom of Jerusalem'. - Deborah Gerish
`The Travels of Roger of Howden and his Views of the Irish, Scots and Welsh'. - John B Gillingham
`The Impact of the Norman Invasion on Irish Literature'. - P. O'Neill
`Some Interactions Between the English and Irish Churches'. - Mark Philpott
`Power, Patronage and Personality in the Norman Cathedral Chapters, 911-1204'. - David S Spear
`Gerald on Gerald: Self-Presentation by Giraldus Cambrensis'. - Yoko Wada

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