Anglo-Norman Studies XVII

July 1995
17 black and white, 16 line illustrations
278 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Anglo-Norman Studies
ISBN: 9780851156064
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press

Anglo-Norman Studies XVII

Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1994

Edited by Christopher Harper-Bill

Annual volume of recent research on all aspects of the Norman World.
Papers on English and Norman history from the early eleventh to the early thirteenth centuries: castles and monasteries, ecclesiastical administration and missionary activity, attitudes of the aristocracy, Domesday and Textus Roffensis

Table of Contents

R. Allen Brown Memorial Lecture: Les châteaux de la vallée de l'Huisne dans le Perche Joseph DecaensJoseph Decaens -
Eleventh-century missions and the early stages of ecclesiastical organisation in Scandinavia - Lesley Abrams
Lordship in Maine: transformation, service and anger - Richard E Barton
The French matrix of the castle-provisions of the Chester- Leicester conventio - Charles Coulson
Dowager countesses, 1069-1230 - RaGena DeAragon
Oral testimony and the domesday inquest - Robin Fleming
The French in england before the norman conquest - C P Lewis
La Ville de Sées du haut moyen âge à l'époque ducale - François Neveux
Monks and nobles in the anglo-saxon monastic reform - Janet Pope
What did the frontier of Angevin normandy comprise? - Daniel Power
Ecclesiastical reorganisation in the principality of Salerno in the late lombard and early norman period - Valerie Ramseyer
The motives and politics of the Bigod family, c.1066-1177 - Andrew Wareham
Laga Eadwardi: the Textus Roffensis and its context - Patrick Wormald

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