Anglo-Norman Studies XI

September 1989
63 black and white illustrations
305 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Anglo-Norman Studies
ISBN: 9780851155265
Format: Hardback
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Anglo-Norman Studies XI

Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1988

Edited by R. Allen Brown

Æthelwine, Pre-Conquest Sheriff; Alliances of Ælfgar of Mercia; Castle Studies since 1850; Charles the Bald's Fortified Bridges; Clares and the Crown; Coastal Salt Production; Hydrographic and Ship Hydrodynamic Aspects of the Invasion; Leland and Historians; Monks in the World: Gundulf of Rochester; Obtaining Benefices in 12c E. Anglia; St Pancras Priory, Lewes; Slavery; Wace and Warfare.

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Table of Contents

St Pancras priory, Lewes: its architectural development to 1200 -
Wace and warfare - Matthew Bennett
John Ireland and the Anglo-Norman historian - Caroline J Galwey
The growth of castle studies in England and on the continent since 1850 - J M B Counihan
The logistics of fortified bridge building on the Seine under Charles the Bald - Carroll Gillmor
Charles the Bald's fortified bridge at Pitres (Seine): recent archaeological investigations - Brian Dearden
The struggle for benefices in twelfth-century east anglia - Christopher Harper-Bill
Coastal salt production in Norman England - Laurence Keen
The Welsh alliances of Earl Aelfgar of Mercia and his family in the mid-eleventh century - K L Maund
Domesday slavery - John S Moore
Hydrographic and ship-hydrodynamic aspects of the Norman Invasion, AD 1066 - J Neumann
Monks in the world: the case of Gundulf of Rochester - Marylou Ruud
Royal service and reward: the Clare family and the crown, 1066-1154 - Jennifer C Ward
A vice-comital family in pre-conquest Warwickshire - E A Williams


`No single recent enterprise has done more to enlarge and deepen our under-standing of one of the most critical periods in English history.' Marjorie Chibnall, Antiquaries Journal`Au total et comme à l'accoutumée, un rapport toujours de bonne qualité, aux facettes captivantes.' Robert Fossier, REVUE HISTORIQUE 574, 1991

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