Anglo-Norman Medicine

May 1997
292 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9780859915236
Format: Hardback
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Anglo-Norman Medicine

II. Shorter Treatises

Edited by Tony Hunt

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Translation with original Latin text of medieval medical treatises, extending current knowledge of medieval medical science and learning.
This second volume of Anglo-Norman Medicinecompletes Tony Hunt's edition of all the vernacular medical texts contained in Trinity College, Cambridge, MS 0.1.20, presenting a treatise on visiting the sick and a verse translation of the first part of the celebrated gynaecological compilation known as `Trotula', both with their Latin originals. To these are added two longer works from other sources: the Euperistonand the Trinity `Practica', ambitious compilations which exploit material in Latin, French and English. Full notes and glossaries are provided. Tony Hunt's Introduction aims to illustrate characteristic features of the medieval medical compendium through the example of the Speculum medicorum, which has hithertobeen completely unstudied.
TONY HUNTis a Fellow of St Peter's College, Oxford.

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Brings a wealth of new material to light... scholars will benefit from Hunt's scholarly industry for many years to come. MEDICAL HISTORYThe mixture of languages evident both in the manuscripts and within the texts of the two practicas suggests that there may not have been an Anglo-Norman linguistic community studying or using these texts, but rather a readership happy to mix and switch linguistic codes. Scholars will continue to thank Tony Hunt for putting so much Anglo-Norman textual material into print. SPECULUMA stimulating publication... impeccably edited and organised. NOTES & QUERIES

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