Welcome to our virtual booth for this year’s American Musicological Society meeting!

We are pleased to offer


on all our new and recent titles in music.

From the exciting discovery of new music from the Middle Ages, to a monumental, fully-annotated collection of Gerald Finzi’s letters, to an informative guide to performing historical piano repertoire on modern instruments, we have a wide-ranging array of new titles available for you this autumn season.

Enjoy our highlights below and be sure to browse our full list for more. Many of our titles are also available in ebook format at ebooks.com.

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Our editorial directors Michael Middeke (Boydell Press) and Sonia Kane (University of Rochester Press) look forward to discussing new proposals from prospective authors.
To schedule a meeting, please write to Michael or Sonia directly. Their emails are [email protected] and [email protected].

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We wish you a wonderful conference!

Musics Lost and Found

by Michael Church

Songs for Cabo Verde

by Susan Hurley-Glowa

Béla Bartók in Italy

by Nicolò Palazzetti

Gerald Finzi's Letters, 1915-1956

Edited by Diana McVeagh

Nikolay Myaskovsky

by Patrick Zuk

Ernest John Moeran

by Ian Maxwell

The Dorset Rotulus

by Margaret Bent, Jared C. Hartt and Peter M. Lefferts

The Clarinet

Edited by Jane Ellsworth

In My Own Time

by Humphrey Burton

Knowing Britten

by Steuart Bedford

With Christopher Gillett

Musical Analyses and Musical Exegesis

by Jean-Jacques Nattiez

Edited and translated by Joan Campbell Huguet

Piano-Playing Revisited

by David Breitman