Ambivalence Transcended

Ambivalence Transcended

A Study of the Writings of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff

Gertrud Bauer Pickar

First comprehensive study in English of Germany's most prominent female author.
Annette von Droste-Hülshoff (1798-1848) remains Germany's foremost female author. Perhaps best known for her novella Die Judenbuche and her ballads, Droste's narrative ability in prose or verse, and her gift for forging highly crafted, often poignant lyrical works, have brought her continuing and growing critical acclaim. Recent critical interest has brought her new recognition as a forerunner in the struggle of women to find their own literary voices.
This volume is the first comprehensive study in English of Droste's works and authorial career. It combines a broad view of her literary and epistolary writings with close readings of individual works.


"Among the authors who have analyzed the work of Droste from a feminist standpoint and have thereby made an important contribution not only to Droste research but also to matters of gender in literature is Gertrud B. Pickar, who has brought together her years of research in this one volume." MICHIGAN GERMAN STUDIES"
Splendidly readable, incisive, and thoroughly researched..." JEGP
An impressive, definitive work. GERMAN QUARTERLY With its wealth of information, fine detail, and new insight, will serve both the novice and the veteran in the field. SEMINAR'Well written and cogently argued, [the work] represents a valuable contribution to Droste scholarship.' YEARS WORK IN MODERN LANGUAGE STUDIES'This work may be considered a benchmark in gender studies on Droste.' COLLOQUIA GERMANICA

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