ALT 8 Drama in Africa: African Literature Today

ALT 8 Drama in Africa: African Literature Today

A review

Edited by Eldred Durosimi Jones


James Currey



The re-issue of archival volumes ALT 1 to ALT 14 makes the complete series available and provides the historical perspective of these early contributions to the literature and its criticism.
First published in 1976, this volume has a focus on African drama and carries an introductory article by Ghanaian poet and playwright J.C. de Graft. There are three articles on Wole Soyinka's work as a playwright and an article on the dramatic works of Ama Ata Aidoo, as well as an article on four dramatists from East Africa. The dilemmas of the popular playwright are discussed in an article on two Zambian writers and Eldred Jones's Editorial gives examples from Sierra Leone of the challenges faced by more "popular" playwrights and those with the more "literary" concerns of publication.


January 1976
160 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
African Literature Today
ISBN: 9781847011213
Format: Paperback
James Currey
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Table of Contents

Editorial - Eldred Jones
Roots in African drama & theatre [J.C. de Graft]
The dilemma of the popular playwright: The work of Kabwe Kasoma & V.E. Musinga [Michael Etherton]
The fox's dance: The staging of Soyinka's plays [Annemarie Heywood]
Language & meaning in Soyinka's The Road [D.S. Izevbaye]
The origins of A Dance of the Forests [James Gibbs]
Language & drama: Ama Ata Aidoo [Dapo Adelugba]
Old & new drama from East Africa. A review of the works of four contemporary dramatists: Rebecca Njau, Ibrahim Hussein, Peninah Muhando & Ngugi [L.A. Mbughuni]
Arabic drama & Islamic belief-system in Egypt [Kole Omotoso]
The tyranny of time: The theme of time in the artistic consciousness of South African writers [E.O. Apronti]
Reviews include Micere Githae Mugo on Swahili Plays & Edgar Wright reviewing Soyinka's Season of Anomy

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