ALT 28 Film in African Literature Today

ALT 28 Film in African Literature Today

Edited by Ernest N. Emenyonu


James Currey



From Hollywood to Nollywood: this issue of African Literature Today examines the relationship between film and video and the literatures of Africa.
A recent literary phenomenon in contemporary Africa is the developing relationship between film and African literature. ALT 28 focuses on the interface between film and literature in contemporary African writing and imagination. Contributors have examined the issue from a variety of perspectives: critiques of adaptations of African creative works into film, analyses of filmic structures in African dramatic literature, African writers as film makers, and the impact of the video film industry on literature and the reading culture in Africa.

Ernest N. Emenyonu is Professor of the Department of Africana Studies, University of Michigan-Flint

Nigeria: HEBN

African Literature Today Editors


November 2010
172 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
African Literature Today
ISBN: 9781847015105
Format: Paperback
James Currey
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Table of Contents

Editorial Article: The interface between film & literature in contemporary African writing & imagination - Ernest N. Emenyonu
Strategies for subverting post-colonial oppression: literature & cinema in early Sembene Ousmane - Kwawisi Tekpetey
From Negritude to Migritude?: Moussa Sene Absa's Ainsi meurent les anges (And so Angels Die) - MaryEllen Higgins
Laughing off apartheid: Drum magazine & the political economy of laughter in the late apartheid film - Timothy Johns
The works of Jean-Marie Teno & Raoul Peck: restoring life to a fleeced continent - David M.M. Riep
Haile Gerima's pan-African 'message to the grassroots': hearing Malcolm X in Amharic - or Harvest 3000 Years - Greg Thomas
The video film industry & its 'substitution' for literature & reading in Africa: a case of Nigeria's Nollywood - Ignatius Chukwuma and Raphael Obinna Amalaha
The portrayal of mothers-in-law in Nigerian movies: the good, the bad & oh, so wicked - Agbese Aje-Ori
Charting Nollywood's appeal locally & globally - Moradewun Adejunmobi
The rise of the video film industry & its projected social impact on Ghanaians - Africanus Aveh
Constructing identity & authenticity: the evolving Cameroon video film in English - Joyce Ashuntantang
Reviews - James Gibbs


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