Welcome to the latest African Studies catalogue from Boydell & Brewer!

Many of the books listed are available as eBooks from Boydell & Brewer, and your usual suppliers. See here for a full list of our partners. If you are planning to make your next book open access, please take a look at what we offer at our open access policy. We combine competitive pricing alongside the close attention and rigour that all our books receive. We look forward to your proposal.

Since so many of our paperbacks make ideal additions to course reading lists, we understand the importance of inspection copies. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] in North America.

Books included in this catalogue are until August 2022.


Editorial Contacts

James Currey Commissioning Editor:
Jaqueline Mitchell, [email protected]

University of Rochester Press Editorial Director:
Sonia Kane, [email protected]