African Articulations showcases cutting-edge research into Africa’s cultural texts and practices, broadly understood to include written and oral literatures, visual arts, music, and public discourse and media of all kinds. Building on the idea of ‘articulation’ as a series of cultural connections, as a clearly voiced argument and as a dynamic social encounter, African Articulations opens up innovative perspectives on the richness of African locations and networks. Refusing to privilege the internationally visible above the supposedly ephemeral local cultural spaces and networks, African Articulations provides indispensable resources for students and teachers of contemporary culture.

Please send proposals to the series editors. Please do not send full manuscripts unless you are requested to do so.

Series Editors

Professor Stephanie Newell
English Department
PO BOX 208302
Yale University
New Haven, CT 06520-8302
[email protected]

Dr Ranka Primorac
Department of English
Faculty of Humanities
Avenue Campus
Southampton SO17 1BJ
[email protected]

Editorial Advisory Board

Akin Adesokan (Indiana University)
James Ferguson (Stanford University)
Simon Gikandi (Princeton University)
Stefan Helgesson (Stockholm University)
Isabel Hofmeyr (University of the Witwatersrand)
Madhu Krishnan (University of Bristol)

Lydie E. Moudileno (University of Southern California)
Upamanyu Pablo Mukherjee (University of Warwick)
Grace A. Musila (University of the Witwatersrand
Caroline Rooney (University of Kent)
Meg Samuelson (University of Adelaide)
Jennifer Wenzel (Columbia University)

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