Aelfric's De Temporibus Anni

June 2009
190 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Anglo-Saxon Texts
ISBN: 9781843841937
Format: Hardback
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Aelfric's De Temporibus Anni

Translated by Martin Blake

Edited by Martin Blake

A new and comprehensive edition and translation of a key Anglo-Saxon text
De temporibus anni, a concise handbook of calendar and computus, astronomy and natural science, dates from the late tenth century. It seems to have circulated anonymously, but analysis of its language and content shows it to be by Ælfric, one of the most prolific and widely-studied authors of Anglo-Saxon England. Unlike the earlier works of Bede and Isidore, it is written in the vernacular (despite its Latin title), possibly the earliest such work in a vernacular language in western Europe.
This new edition incorporates the fruits of modern research into the scientific and religious background to the work, as well as the findings of recent studies on palaeography and textual criticism. It is also the most comprehensive edition yet produced, including notes, glossary and bibliography, and the first modern English translation [presented en face] for some 140 years. By means of these, and the inclusion of a detailed introduction and commentary, it renders the work more accessible both to those interested in the history of science and to students of Anglo-Saxon language and literature.

Dr MARTIN BLAKE works with medieval manuscripts in the Department of Manuscripts and University Archives at Cambridge University Library.

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Table of Contents

Text of De temporibus anni, with modern English translation
Apparatus criticus
Astronomical and calendrical terms


Will make this interesting text accessible to a wider audience that has hitherto been able to read or understand it. SPECULUM
This new edition of Ælfric's De temporibus anni repays close study. [...] The discerning will discover that the commentary treats not only problems and matters of interest within the text itself but aspects of the translation as well. [...] What shines through is the clarity with which Ælfric presents his materials in easy straightforward English. JOURNAL OF THEOLOGICAL STUDIES
An excellent volume which will be useful to all scholars of Anglo-Saxon England, the early Middle Ages, the calendar and the history of science. [An] excellent book which would itself serve as an introduction to Aelfrican studies. THE MEDIEVAL REVIEW

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