"Wanderjahre of a Revolutionist" and Other Essays on American Music

January 1996
13 black and white illustrations
280 pages
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Eastman Studies in Music
ISBN: 9781878822482
Format: Hardback
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University of Rochester Press

"Wanderjahre of a Revolutionist" and Other Essays on American Music

Arthur Farwell

Edited by Thomas Stoner

Selected autobiographical and critical essays by the important early 20c American composer/campaigner Arthur Farwell: a major narrative of American musical life c.1900.
Arthur Farwell was the great apostle of American music. He published works by American composers in his Wa-Wan Press, he lectured widely on the need to develop a national style, and he spearheaded the American Music Society's drive to promote the country's composers. The twenty-year crusade covered in `Wanderjahre,' originally published as articles in Musical America, begins in 1889 when Farwell's musical interest first developed, continues through his Bohemian days in Boston as a budding composer and his trip to Europe for further study, then chronicles his work in America on his return in 1899. Later critical articles and reviews confirm Farwell as an original, often audacious voice, frequently at odds with the musical establishment but raising key issues of American musical life in his day, and giving valuable insights into that milieu.

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Stoner's introduction provides the reader with an important historical context for Farwell's writings and demonstrates what a prophet Farwell was... Scholars should recognize how far ahead of his time the gifted and articulate Farwell was. An excellent bibliography accompanies this fine addition to the literature on American music in the 20th century. --CHOICE

Thomas Stoner's edition of selected lectures, with a useful introduction and detailed notes, fills in the framework of Farwell's idealism. --MUSIC AND LETTERS

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