A New Companion to Malory

March 2019
11 black and white illustrations
344 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Arthurian Studies
ISBN: 9781843845232
Format: Hardback

A New Companion to Malory

Edited by Megan G. Leitch, Cory James Rushton

A comprehensive survey of one of the most important texts of the Middle Ages.
Malory's Morte Darthur is now a canonical and widely-taught text. Recent decades have seen a transformation and expansion of critical approaches in scholarship, as well as significant advances in understanding its milieux: textual, literary, cultural and historical. This volume adds to and updates on the influential Companion of 1996, offering scholars, teachers and students alike a full guide to the text and the author. The essays it contains provide a synthetic overview of, and fresh perspectives on, the key questions about and contexts connected with the Morte.

MEGAN G. LEITCH is Senior Lecturer in English Literature at Cardiff University; CORY JAMES RUSHTON is Associate Professor in the Department of English at St Francis Xavier University, Canada.

Contributors: Dorsey Armstrong, Thomas Crofts, Siân Echard, Rob Gossedge, Daniel Helbert, Amy Kaufman, Megan Leitch, Andrew Lynch, Catherine Nall, Ralph Norris, Raluca Radulescu, Lisa Robeson, Meg Roland, Cory Rushton, Masako Takagi, Kevin Whetter.

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Table of Contents

Malory in Historical Context - Catherine Nall
Malory and His Sources - Ralph Norris
Writing the Morte Darthur: Author, Manuscript, and Modern Editions - Kevin S Whetter and Thomas Howard Crofts
Malory in Literary Context - Megan G. Leitch
Malory in Print - Sian Echard
Malory and Form - Cory Rushton
Malory and Character - Dorsey Armstrong
Malory and Gender - Amy S. Kaufman
Malory and Emotion - Andrew Lynch
Secular Malory - Lisa Robeson
Spiritual Malory - Raluca Radulescu
Malory and the Wider World - Meg Roland
Malory in Wartime Britain - Robert Gossedge
Malory in Japan - Masako Takagi
Malory in America - Daniel Glynn Helbert

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