A History of Music at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

May 2004
10 black and white illustrations
236 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9781843830443
Format: Hardback
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A History of Music at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Barra Boydell

Christ Church cathedral is an Anglican cathedral in a catholic country. Musical and archival sources (the most extensive for any Irish cathedral) provide a unique perspective on the history of music in Ireland.
Christ Church has had a complex and varied history as the cathedral church of Dublin, one of two Anglican cathedrals in the capital of a predominantly Catholic country and the church of the British administration in Ireland before 1922. An Irish cathedral within the English tradition, yet through much of its history it was essentially an English cathedral in a foreign land. With close musical links to cathedrals in England, to St Patrick's cathedral in Dublin, and to the city's wider political and cultural life, Christ Church has the longest documented music history of any Irish institution, providing a unique perspective on the history of music in Ireland.
Barra Boydell, a leading authority on Irish music history, has written a detailed study drawing on the most extensive musical and archival sources existing for any Irish cathedral. The choir, its composers and musicians, repertoire and organs are discussed within the wider context of city and state, and of the religious and political dynamics which have shaped Anglo-Irish relationships since medieval times. More than just a history of music at one cathedral, this book makes an important contribution to English cathedral music studies as well as to Irish musical and cultural history.

BARRA BOYDELL is Senior Lecturer in Music, National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

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[A] major achievement, the summation of an intensive programme of research in a particularly rich and rewarding institutional archive, which offers fascinating insights into a musical tradition shaped and nuanced by the political and religious dynamics of Irish society. - Rachel Cowgill, EARLY MUSIC
A conscientious and thorough account. JOURNAL OF ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY
Barra Boydell's resourceful and capable research has...set a shining example for future writers. [The book is] purposefully conceived, intelligently argued, and elegantly presented. THE CONSORT [Gerald Gifford]