A Dimension of Sound

A Dimension of Sound

Music in The Twilight Zone

Reba Wissner


Pendragon Press



An in-depth examination of the music and the composers who worked on the iconic TV series, The Twilight Zone.
A Dimension of Sound: The Music of The Twilight Zone offers multiple readings of the ways in which music is used in this iconic series. It examines not only on the ways in which newly composed scores and stock music were utilized, but also how the music enhances and interacts with what we see and hear onscreen.

Dedicated chapters look at composers such as Fred Steiner, Jerry Goldsmith, Bernard Herrmann and Nathan van Cleave, and their work in particular episodes. Further chapters examine the scores of less frequent contributors and appendices include information on music cues and recording sessions.

For anyone with a serious interest in The Twilight Zone, the golden age of American television, soundtracks or composing for the screen - large or small - this book will be essential reading.

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350 pages
9x6 in
Music and Media
Paperback, 9781576472163, October 2013
eBook, 9781576473252, October 2013
Pendragon Press
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This is a fine book . . . The subject matter is both timely and extremely pertinent; the influence of what The Twilight Zone and its composers did with music continues to be felt in the more musical-savvy of today's television programming, and the use of music across the show's five season remains a textbook example of how music can be used to enhance and interact with what is happening on the screen and felt through its storytelling. MUSIQUE FANTASTIQUE

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