A Dictionary of Suffolk Crests

June 1998
8 black and white illustrations
256 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Suffolk Records Society
ISBN: 9780851155548
Format: Hardback
Suffolk Records Society
Boydell Press

A Dictionary of Suffolk Crests

Heraldic Crests of Suffolk Families

Joan Corder

A record of crests of Suffolk and Norfolk families arranged by charge or object, covering 600 years and c.8,000 names.
This volume offers a comprehensive guide to the heraldry of Suffolk over more than six centuries, covering around 8,000 names and acting as a companion to the earlier Dictionary of Suffolk Arms(1965). It is the first attempt to produce an Ordinary of crests, a classification by charge or object using standardised groupings, arranged in such a manner that they may be readily identified when the name of the bearer is unknown; the usual arrangement is alphabetical by name, an Armory. Although it relates specifically to Suffolk, many crests relating to Norfolk families are given, the two counties having always been closely connected heraldically and genealogically. The book will be of interest for all those interested in heraldry and, on a wider level, act as a handbook for the identification of crests when borne alone, on artefacts ranging from signet rings and silverware to pub signs and school uniform crests.
JOAN CORDER, the author of a Dictionary of Suffolk Arms, is an independent scholar and recognised authority on East Anglian heraldry.

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