A Companion to Wolfram's Parzival

A Companion to Wolfram's Parzival

Edited by Will Hasty


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Up-to-date criticism and commentary on the greatest of the German courtly epics.
Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival expands and transforms the Arthurian tradition into a grand depiction of the medieval cosmos around 1200. Standing between clerical and chivalric cultures and articulating the interests and values of both, Wolfram produced the most popular vernacular work in medieval Germany and one of the most vibrant of the High Middle Ages. The brilliance, boldness, and astonishing originality of Parzival, along with the allure of its elusive author and his enigmatic grail, have continued to fascinate modern audiences since the nineteenth century. And in the late 20th century, as the study of literature becomes increasingly interdisciplinary, Wolfram's masterpiece continues to hold forth a seemingly inexhaustible supply of cultural knowledge and insights. The original essays in this volume provide a definitive treatment in English of significant aspects of Parzival (Wolfram's modes of narrative presentation, his relationship to his sources, his portrayal of the grail), and of some of the broader social and cultural issues it raises (the theology of the Fall, the status of chivalric self-assertion, the characterization of women, the modern reception of Parzival). These and other essays point in new directions for the future study of Parzival, and demonstrate that the poem deservedly occupies a central position in our understanding of the High Middle Ages.


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Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture
Paperback, 9781571134585, June 2010
Hardback, 9781571131522, March 1999
Camden House
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Table of Contents

Introduction - Will Hasty
Gahmuret and Herzeloyde: Gone but not Forgotten - Francis G. Gentry
Ideals of Flesh and Blood: Women Characters in - Marion E. Gibbs
The Significance of the Gawan Story in Parzival - Martin Jones
Doing His Own Thing: Wolfram's Grail - Sidney M. Johnson
Fiction, Plot, and Discourse: Wolfram's Parzival and Its Narrative Sources - Adrian Stevens
Wolfram von Eschenbach: Modes of Narrative Expression - Neil Thomas
Parzival and the Theology of Fallen Man -
Tournaments and Battles in Parzival - W.H. Jackson
Reading, Writing, and Learning in Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival - Albrecht Classen
Otherworlds, Alchemy, Pythagoras, and Jung: Symbols of Transformation in Parzival - Winder McConnell
At the Limits of Chivalry in Wolfram's Parzival: An Arthurian Perspective - Will Hasty
Wolfram, Wagner, and the Germans - Ulrich Mueller


'The essays are well written and insightful, and the authors bring a sense of their own delight in a way that will be contagious among a broad readership.' COLLOQUIA GERMANICA 'A very usable introduction to various aspects of Wolfram's Parzifal.' JOURNAL OF ENGLISH AND GERMANIC PHILOLOGY

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