A Companion to the Works of Heinrich Heine

A Companion to the Works of Heinrich Heine

Edited by Roger F. Cook

A collection of new essays treating the most important aspects of the work of the most famous late Romantic, Heinrich Heine.
As the most prominent German-Jewish Romantic writer, Heinrich Heine (1797-1856) became a focal point for much of the tension generated by the Jewish assimilation to German culture in a time marked by a growing emphasis on the shared ancestry of the German Volk. As both an ingenious composer of Romantic verse and the originator of modernist German prose, he defied nationalist-Romantic concepts of creative genius that grounded German greatness in an idealist tradition of Dichter und Denker. And as a brash, often reckless champion of freedom and social justice, he challenged not only the reactionary ruling powers of Restoration Germany but also the incipient nationalist ideology that would have fateful consequences for the new Germany--consequences he often portended with a prophetic vision born of his own experience. Reaching to the heart of the `German question,' the controversies surrounding Heine have been as intense since his death as they were in his own lifetime, often serving as an acid test for important questions of national and social consciousness. This new volume of essays by scholars from Germany, Britain, Canada, and the United States offers new critical insights on key recurring issues in his work: the symbiosis of German and Jewish culture; emerging nationalism among the European peoples; critical views of Romanticism and modern philosophy; European culture on the threshold to modernity; irony, wit, and self-critique as requisite elements of a modern aesthetic; changing views on teleology and the dialectics of history; and final thoughts and reconsiderations from his last, prolonged years in a sickbed. Contributors: Michael Perraudin, Paul Peters, Roger F. Cook, Willi Goetschel, Gerhard Höhn, Paul Reitter, Robert C. Holub, Jeffrey Grossman, Anthony Phelan, Joseph A. Kruse, and George F. Peters.
Roger F. Cook is professor of German at the University of Missouri, Columbia.

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Table of Contents

Introduction - Roger F. Cook
Illusions Lost and Found: The Experiential World of Heine's Buch der Lieder - Michael Perraudin
A Walk on the Wild Side: Heine's Eroticism - Paul Peters
The Riddle of Love: Romantic Poetry and Historical Progress - Roger F. Cook
Nightingales Instead of Owls: Heine's Joyous Philosophy - Willi Goetschel
Eternal Return or Indiscernable Progress? Heine Conception of History after 1848 - Gerhard Hoehn
Heinrich Heine and the Discourse of Mythology - Paul Reitter
Troubled Apostate: Heine's Conversion and Its Consequences - Robert C. Holub
Heine and Jewish Culture: The Poetics of Appropriation - Jeffrey A. Grossman
Mathilde's Interruption: Archetypes of Modernity in Heine's Later Poetry - Anthony Phelan
Late Thoughts: Reconsiderations from the "Matratzengruft" - Joseph A. Kruse
Heine and Weimar -


Unusual for the range it provides. CHOICE

...presents intellectually rigorous essays geared to graduate students and scholars.... In sum, this anthology provides the reader with well-written articles reflecting the current concerns of Heine scholars, and the conceptual planning behind this Companion volume gives readers the impression that they are reading not a series of separate essays, but a well-organized book. GERMAN STUDIES REVIEW

[An] engrossing, wide-ranging collection of essays by distinguished scholars.... These fine essays ... make us aware of how modern a poet and thinker Heine remains, how remarkably dependent, and in his own way, how free. GOETHE YEARBOOK

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