A Companion to Don Quixote

October 2008
296 pages
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A Companion to Don Quixote

Anthony Close

An introduction to Cervantes's complex masterpiece.
The purpose of this book is to help the English-speaking reader, with an interest in Spanish literature but without specialised knowledge of Cervantes, to understand his long and complex masterpiece: its major themes, its structure, and the inter-connections between its component parts.
Beginning from a review of Don Quixote's relation to Cervantes's life, literary career, and its social and cultural context, Anthony Close goes on to examine the structure and distinctive nature of Part I (1605) and Part II (1615), the conception of the characters of Don Quixote and Sancho, Cervantes's word-play and narrative manner, and the historical evolution of posterity's interpretation of the novel, with particular attention to its influence on the theory of the genre.
One of the principal questions tackled is the paradoxical incongruity between Cervantes's conception of his novel as a light work of entertainment, without any explicitly acknowledged profundity, and posterity's view of it as a universally symbolic masterpiece, revolutionary in the context of its own time, and capable of meaning something new and different to each succeeding age.

ANTHONY CLOSE, now retired, was Reader in Spanish at the University of Cambridge.

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Table of Contents

Cervantes's Life, Time and Literary Career
The Adventures and Episodes of Part I
The Personalities of Don Quixote and Sancho: their Genesis, Inter-Relations hip and Evolution
Wit, Colloquialisms and Narrative Manner
The Adventures and Episodes of Part II
Don Quixote and the Modern Novel
Guide to Further Reading


Specialists as well as general readers will find much to interest them here. TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT
A renowned Cervantes scholar, Close provides compelling analyses highlighting the interplay of history, fiction, and reality and of picaresque and chivalric elements, satire, irony, parody, burlesque and empathy. Highly recommended. CHOICE
El Companion to Don Quixote de Close cumple todos los requisitos para alcanzar el éxito editorial más rotundo. En esta ocasión, como en otras muchas, para Close no caben sino los más encendidos elogios: la elevada calidad de su trabajo contribuirá a que el Quijote sea mejor entendido por quienes quieren entenderlo sin perderse en el maremágnum de estudios críticos. BULLETIN OF HISPANIC STUDIES

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