Richard Hakluyt: A Bibliography 1580–1588
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Series: Hakluyt Society Third Series

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Richard Hakluyt: A Bibliography 1580–1588

with essays on The Suppression of the Voyage to Cadiz in Hakluyt’s Principal Navigations and Hakluyt and the East India Company

by Anthony Payne

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This bibliography concerns the ten works written by or produced with the involvement of Richard Hakluyt (1552-1616) between 1580 and 1588, describing each book and its history with as much primary and secondary documentation as possible. The introduction gives a brief notice of Hakluyt's life and career, followed by an outline of the bibliography's scope and conventions. The detailed bibliography enables us to trace not only the composition and material form of these writings and their reception, but also Hakluyt's developing interests, his intellectual debts and milieu, the books and other sources available to him, and his patrons and career from his time at Oxford until the imminent publication of the original edition of the Principall Navigations, his celebrated collection of voyages and travels, in 1589. While partly an exercise in documentation, identifying sources and references as a guide to research, it goes further in attempting a study of Hakluyt's books drawing on the various approaches to bibliography, taking these into the allied field of 'the history of the book'.
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[Jacques Cartier.] A Shorte and Briefe Narration of the Two Navigations and Discoveries to the Northweast Partes Called Newe Fraunce: First Translated Out of French into Italian by that Famous Learned Man Gio: Bapt: Ramutius, and Now Turned into English by Iohn Florio: Worthy the Reading of All Venturers, Travellers, and Discoverers. London: Henry Bynneman, 1580

[Richard Hakluyt.] Divers Voyages touching the Discoverie of America, and the Ilands Adiacent unto the Same, Made First of All by Our Englishmen, and Afterward by the Frenchmen and Britons: And Certaine Notes of Advertisements for Observations, Necessarie for Such as Shall Heereafter Make the Like Attempt, with Two Mappes Annexed Heereunto for the Plainer Understanding of the Whole Matter. London: Thomas Dawson for Thomas Woodcock, 1582

Richard Hakluyt. 'Analysis, seu resolutio perpetua in octo libros Politicorum Aristotelis'. Manuscript. 1583

Richard Hakluyt. [Discourse of Western Planting.] Manuscript. 1584

Marc'Antonio Pigafetta. Itinerario di Marc'Antonio Pigafetta gentil'huomo vicentino. London: John Wolfe, 1585

Antonio de Espejo. El viaie que hizo Antonio de Espeio en el anno de ochenta y tres: el qual con sus companneros descubrieron una tierra en que hallaro[n] quinze provincias todas llenas de pueblos, y de casas de quatro y cinco altos, a quien pusieron por no[m]bre nuevo Mexico, por parecerse en muchas cosas al viejo. Esta àla parte del norte, y se cree que por ella, y por poblado, se puede venir hasta llegar a la tierra que llaman del Labrador, de quien diximos mas largamente adelante. Paris: Richard Hakluyt, 1586

René de Goulaine de Laudonnière. L'histoire notable de la Floride situee ès Indes Occidentales, contenant les trois voyages faits en icelle par certains capitaines & pilotes françois, descrits par le capitaine Laudonniere, qui y a commandé l'espace d'un an trois moys: à laquelle a esté adiousté un quatriesme voyage fait par le capitaine Gourgues. Mise en lumiere par M. Basanier, gentil-homme françois mathematicien. Paris: Guillaume Auvray, 1586

Pietro Martire d'Anghiera (Peter Martyr). De orbe novo Petri Martyris Anglerii Mediolanensis, protonotarij, & Caroli quinti senatoris decades octo, diligenti temporum observatione, & utilissimis annotationibus illustratæ, suóque nitori restitutæ, labore & industria Richardi Hakluyti Oxoniensis Angli. Additus est in usum lectoris accuratus totius operis index. Paris: Guillaume Auvray, 1587

René de Goulaine de Laudonnière. A Notable Historie Containing Foure Voyages Made by Certayne French Captaynes unto Florida: Wherein the Great Riches and Fruitefulnes of the Countrey with the Maners of the People Hitherto Concealed Are Brought to Light, Written All, Saving the Last, by Monsieur Laudonniere, Who Remained There Himselfe as the French Kings Lieuetenant a Yere and a Quarter: Newly Translated Out of French into English by R. H. London: Thomas Dawson, 1587

[Juan González de Mendoza.] The Historie of the Great and Mightie Kingdome of China, and the Situation Thereof: Togither with the Great Riches, Huge Citties, Politike Governement, and Rare Inventions in the Same. Translated Out of Spanish by R. Parke. London: John Wolfe for Edward White, 1588

A. The Suppression of the Voyage to Cadiz in Hakluyt's Principal Navigations
B. Hakluyt and the East India Company

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Richard Hakluyt (1552-1616)

Honorary Research Fellow, University of East Anglia, sometime Vice-President of the Hakluyt Society, and former Director of Bernard Quaritch Ltd.



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Series: Hakluyt Society Third Series

Series Vol. Number: 42

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