Writing Revolt
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Writing Revolt

An Engagement with African Nationalism, 1957-67

by T O Ranger

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A deeply felt and engaging personal account of Zimbabwe's political awakening by one of its best-known historians.
'I did not set out for Rhodesia as a radical' writes Terence Ranger. This memoir of the years between 1957, when he first went to Southern Rhodesia, and 1967 when he published his first book, is both an intimate record of the African awakening which Ranger witnessed during those ten years, and of the process which led him to write Revolt in Southern Rhodesia. Intended as both history and as historiography, Writing Revolt is also about the ways in which politics and history interacted. The men with whom Ranger discussed Zimbabwean history were the leaders of African nationalism; his seminar papers were sent to prisons and into restricted areas. Both they and he were making political as well as intellectual discoveries. The book also includes a brief account of Ranger's life before he went to Africa.

TERENCE RANGER was Emeritus Rhodes Professor of Race Relations, University of Oxfordand author of many books including Are we not also Men? (1995), Voices from the Rocks (1999) and Bulawayo Burning (2010), and co-editor of Violence and Memory (2000).

Zimbabwe & Southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, and Namibia): Weaver Press
1929-57 A Very Ordinary Boy
1957 The University College of Rhodesia & Nyasaland
1958 The Southern Rhodesia African National Congress
1959 The Central African Emergencies
1960 The National Democratic Party
1961 Citizens Against the Colour Bar
1962 The Zimbabwe African People's Union
1963 and afterwards: Deportation, the Nationalist Split, Dar es Salaam and Writing Revolt
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"An immensely readable account of Ranger's political career." JOURNAL OF AFRICAN HISTORY
"A tribute to the years of social consciousness enacted; to the relationships with nationalists and nationalism made and sustained; and to a perceptive mind which has documented and interpreted southern Africa and its politics for generations trapped in their preconceptions." AFRICAN ARGUMENTS
"A remarkable work and one I would urge anyone with an interest in this period to read." NEW LEFT PROJECT
"A profoundly personal yet pulsating new book." ZIMBABWE REVIEW
"Scholars interested in the behind-the-scenes making of and writing on African nationalism will find much to consider in this refreshingly personal narrative." AFRICAN STUDIES REVIEW



February 2013


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218 Pages

2.1 x 1.45 cm

6 b/w, 1 line illus.

Imprint: James Currey