The Index of Middle English Prose: Handlist XXV
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Series: Index of Middle English Prose

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The Index of Middle English Prose: Handlist XXV

Manuscripts in Trinity College Library, Dublin

by Niamh Pattwell

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Handlist to manuscripts in Trinity College Dublin, covering all 79 Middle English prose manuscripts and indexing more than 539 separate items

The manuscripts in Trinity College Dublin are predominantly from the library of Archbishop James Ussher (1581-1656). A well-known bibliophile of the sixteenth century, he was also primate of All Ireland and fellow and professor of Trinity College. Following some movement of the collection, it was eventually returned to Trinity College after the Restoration, at the behest of Charles II.

It is a significant collection, both in national and international terms, with over 600 manuscripts, 79 of which contain Middle English prose. Among the manuscripts in the collection are several Wycliffite Bibles, and collections of sermons and tracts, some of them unique copies. The collection also contains writings by Richard Rolle, Walter Hilton and William Flete, and copies of Thomas à Kempis's Imitation of Christ, as well as the Pore Caitif and The Cloud of Unknowing, both of which are anonymous. There are several copies of the Brut chronicle, two of which (MSS 489 and 505) are illuminated, translations of Giraldus Cambrensis's Expugnacio Hibernica, and a copy of Robert Bale's Chronicle of London, 1189-1461. Also of note are the various collections of recipes - medical, culinary and alchemical. Dictionary-style items demonstrate the trilingual nature of the Medieval period, with single words being offered in English alongside Anglo-Norman and/or Latin words, or as marginal glosses. Fifteenth-century instructions for the coronation of a King or Queen, hidden among some later material, as well as other unidentified heraldic pieces, suggest that some of the manuscripts may be associated with the office of the Ulster King of Arms.

The current handlist covers 79 manuscripts, and indexes more than 539 separate items, offering a significant contribution to the understanding of the cultural world of the Medieval period.
General Introduction

Introduction (includes 'Principles for indexing')
Summary List of Contents
Old and New Shelfmarks

Macaronic Index
Index of Incipits
Index of Acephalous Incipits
Index of Reverse Explicits
Index of Reverse Atelous Explicits
Index of Titles, Rubrics and Colophons

General Index
Index of Manuscripts Cited

NIAMH PATTWELL l is Associate Professor of Middle English Literature at University College Dublin.



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Series: Index of Middle English Prose

Series Vol. Number: 25

Imprint: D.S.Brewer