William Dugdale, Historian, 1605-1686
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William Dugdale, Historian, 1605-1686

His Life, his Writings and His County

Edited by Christopher Dyer and Catherine Richardson

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New survey of the work and influence of William Dugdale, the seventeenth-century historian and antiquarian.

William Dugdale (1605-86) was a leading antiquarian, well-known among historians of the period. His Antiquities of Warwickshire is regarded as a pioneering work. Here, leading authorities consider how Dugdale set about hiswork as an antiquary/local historian, and how he interacted with the society and political life of this county at a troubled time.The book also examines Warwickshire life in his day.

CHRISTOPHER DYER, CBE is Professor of Regional and Local History at the University of Leicester; CATHERINE RICHARDSON is Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of Kent.
Introduction - Christopher Dyer
The Antiquities of Warwickshire - Graham Parry
Unreliable Witness: Sir William Dugdale and the Perils of Autobiography - Jan Broadway
William Dugdale and the Civil War - Ann L Hughes
'Ordering and Methodizing': William Dugdale in Restoration England - Caroline Archer-Parré / Book Reviews
William Dugdale and the Honour Politics of Stuart Warwickshire - Richard P Cust
Gentry Culture in the Seventeenth Century - Vivienne Larminie
Dugdale and the Warwickshire Country House - Geoffrey Tyack
'The Rich Man in his Castle...' Late Seventeenth-Century Warwickshire Socie ty - Nat Alcock
Sir Richard Newdigate and the 'Great Survey' of Chilvers Coton: Fiscal Seigneurialism in late Seventeenth-Century Warwickshire - Steve Hindle
Warwickshire Towns in the Age of Dugdale - Peter Borsay
Material Culture in Early Modern Warwick - Catherine Richardson
Conclusion - Christopher Dyer

Christopher Dyer is Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Leicester. He has written, edited, co-authored and co-edited many books, including William Dugdale, Historian, 1605-1686: His Life, his Writings and His County (Boydell, 2009).

"[An] enjoyable and delightfully illustrated book. [...] This is an interesting collection, and will be indispensable for students of both Dugdale and his county." ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW
"[An] impressive collection of essays." THE LOCAL HISTORIAN
"A splendid collection of twelve essays on Dugdale's life and writings, set in the context of his county of Warwick. [...] This well-directed and invaluable volume is drawn together by C.C. Dyer's introduction and conclusion." NORTHERN HISTORY



February 2009


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264 Pages

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Imprint: Boydell Press