The Lore of Ireland
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The Lore of Ireland

An Encyclopaedia of Myth, Legend and Romance

by Dáithí O hOgain

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The definitive reference book on Ireland's cultural and religious heritage.

Ireland has one of the finest cultural heritages and a standard reference book combining the related subjects of folklore, myth, legend and romance is long overdue. There are 350 substantial entries, in alphabetical order from Abán, a 6th-century saint, to Weather, all with full references to sources, a synopsis of relevant stories, and discussion of their origin, nature and development. These are complimented by a genre-list of material under various headings, such as Mythical Lore, Fianna Cycle, Ulster Cycle, King Cycles, Peoples and Traditions, Religious Lore, and Folk Custom and Belief. There is also a wealth of genealogical detail, indicating how historical and social circumstances have influenced the growth and spread of Irish lore.

DAITHI O HOGAIN, Associate Professor of Irish Folklore at University College Dublin, was an international authority on folklore and traditional literature.
"An exhaustive collection of folktales and history from the Emerald Isle. An essential resource about Ireland's legends." RENAISSANCE MAGAZINE
"Superb from beginning to end. [...] Essential for all scholars of Ireland's mythology." FORTEAN TIMES
"With its profusion of atmospheric allusions and spirited retellings, grounded in a scholarly acuity, [it] adds up to a complex delineation of an ancient, reimagined and still functioning cultural terrain." TLS
"An invaluable resource for Hibernophiles. This is a refreshing and reasonably priced new treatment of Ireland's lore." CHOICE



December 2023

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Imprint: Boydell Press