Anglo-Norman Studies XLVI
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216 Pages

23.4 x 15.6 cm

3 maps, 1 genealogical table, 3 colour and 17 b/w illus.

Series: Anglo-Norman Studies

Series Vol. Number: 46

Imprint: Boydell Press

Anglo-Norman Studies XLVI

Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2023

Edited by Stephen D. Church

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"A series which is a model of its kind": Edmund King

Considers the clerical friends of Ermengarde of Brittany, showing how these men enabled Ermengarde to fulfil both her duty and her desire to live an intensely pious life. Explores the ways in which grief was represented in the Histoire de Guillaume le Maréchal. Two thirteenth-century Evesham forgeries demonstrate that early thirteenth-century people, even so-called experts at the papal chancery, seem to have been ignorant of the physical form taken by early papal bulls. Explores the world of the scribes who composed Exon Domesday, demonstrating their working methods as well as giving us further insights into the composition of Great Domesday, completed by 1088. Looks at the involvement of Bernard, abbot of Le Mont Saint-Michel, 1131-49, in the development of the abbey in peril of the sea. Examines how the introduction of musical notation into Normandy around the millennium made it possible for people to understand melodies without aid from a master. Offers insights into the career of Ranulf Flambard, the most "infamous tax collector" of the late eleventh century in England. Investigates the annals of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle for the years 1062 to 1066, showing that they were written largely in retrospect after the events of 1066 had played out. Looks at the case for the evidence relating to the foundation of Kirkstead Abbey, Lincolnshire. Finally, presents evidence for spying and espionage in the Anglo-Norman World.
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'Most Beloved Disciple:' Countess Ermengarde of Brittany and her Clerical Friends (The Allen Brown Memorial Lecture)
Amy Livingstone

Grief in the Histoire De Guillaume Le Maréchal (The Marjorie Chibnall Essay Prize, 2023)
Lili Scott Lintott

The Donations of Pope Constantine (JE †2147, †2149): Imitation, Forgery and the Death of Papyrus, '709'-1205 (The Christine Mahany Memorial Lecture, 2023)
Benjamin Savill

The Significance of Exon Domesday (The Des Seal Memorial Lecture, 2023)
C. P. Lewis

Bernard of Le Bec, Abbot of Le Mont Saint-Michel (1131-1149): The Evidence
Thomas N. Bisson

Excursus on The Culture of Learning at Mont Saint-Michel c. 1100-1149
K. S. B. Keats-Rohan

The Norman a-p System of Letter Notation from Abbot William of Volpiano/Dijon to Orderic Vitalis
Alma Santosuosso

Charismatic Bureaucracy? Ranulf Flambard and The Governance of Norman England.
William M. Aird

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, C, D and E, Annals 1062-1066
Tom Licence

The Cistercian Abbey of Kirkstead, Lincolnshire: Rethinking a Twelfth-Century Foundation and its Thirteenth-Century Cartulary
Kathryn Dutton

'A Little Bird Told Me ... .' Spies and Espionage in The Norman World
Jenny Benham

S.D. Church is Professor in Medieval Studies at the University of Lincoln.



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Title Details

216 Pages

2.34 x 1.56 cm

3 maps, 1 genealogical table, 3 colour and 17 b/w illus.

Series: Anglo-Norman Studies

Series Vol. Number: 46

Imprint: Boydell Press