African Womanhood in Colonial Kenya 1900-50
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Series: Eastern African Studies

Imprint: James Currey

African Womanhood in Colonial Kenya 1900-50

by Tabitha Kanogo

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This is the most interesting general Kenyan social history that I have had the pleasure to read for many years. It fills a large gap in the colonial history of Kenyan women as they negotiated changes in the most domestic areas oftheir experience. - John Lonsdale, Trinity College, Cambridge

Within a broad analysis of colonial oppurtunities for physical, social and educational mobility, Kanogo Kanogo explores the history of African womanhood in colonial Kenya. She shows how African and British male authorities tried, with uncertain opinions and from different perspectives, to control female initiatives, and how, to very varying degrees, women managed to achieve increasing measures of control over their own lives. She examines the legal and cultural status of women, clitoridectomy, dowry, marriage, maternity and motherhood, and formal education. By following the effects of the all-pervasive ideological shifts that colonialism produced in the lives of women, the study investigates the diverse ways in which Kenyan women's positions were diminished, or enhanced, or placed in ambiguous predicaments by the consequences, intended and unintended, of colonial rule.

North America: Ohio U Press; Kenya: EAEP
1 'Capax Doli'? Debating the Legal Status of African Women
2 Sexuality in Culture & Law
3 Becoming Kavirondo Clitoridectomy, Ethnicity & Womenhood
4 Debating Dowry 'A Daughter is Like a Bank'
5 Legislating Marriage
6 The Medicalization & Regulation of Maternity
7 Girls are Frogs Girls, Missions & Education

Tabitha Kanogo is professor of history at the University of California, Berkeley. She is the author of African Womanhood in Colonial Kenya, 1900-50 and Squatters and the Roots of Mau Mau.

"A most important and readable book, which is meticulously documented and explores the complexity of women's experiences in colonial Kenya. ...A superb study." THE HISTORIAN
"This book is a massive undertaking and will be of interest to scholars in the fields of women, gender and colonialism, Kenyan history, East African history, and colonialism in Africa." CAHIERS D'ETUDES AFRICAINES
"Should appear on the reading lists of scholars of Kenya and of women in Africa." THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AFRICAN HISTORICAL STUDIES

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July 2005


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Series: Eastern African Studies

Imprint: James Currey