A New Suffolk Garland
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A New Suffolk Garland

Edited by Elizabeth Burke, Dan Franklin, John James and Mary James

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Everything about Suffolk is unexpected: A New Suffolk Garland gathers the best writing, new and old, from people who love this special county.

Everything about Suffolk is unexpected.

For centuries it has been a much-loved place for writers, artists, musicians, fishermen, farmers ...
A New Suffolk Garland gathers the best writing, new and old, from people who love this
special county: from a twelfth-century monk to Ed Sheeran, through Gainsborough,
Dickens, W.G. Sebald, Ronald Blythe, Robert MacFarlane, Michael Ondaatje and Penelope Fitzgerald to Roger Deakin, Melissa Harrison and Helen Macdonald.
The anthology contains specially written new work by Craig Brown, Ralph Fiennes, India Knight, Olivia Laing, Lucy Hughes-Hallett, Robin Robertson and Lucy Walker.
From the art of hedge-laying to the undiscovered treasures of Suffolk's churches, from the Suffolk punch stable to Delia Smith's kitchen table, from swimming with otters in the River Waveney to the golden aurioles of Lakenheath, this new collection encapsulates all that is best about Suffolk.
Clare Euston - Foreword

Craig Brown - Introduction

Julian Tennyson - Everything in Suffolk is Unexpected
The Rendlesham Forest Mystery - The Halt Memo
Ed Sheeran - Castle on the Hill
Richard Curtis - Ed Sheeran Drops Round
Millicent Garrett Fawcett - The Aldeburgh of Long Ago
Neil MacGregor - The Sutton Hoo Helmet
John Preston - Major Find in Suffolk
Charlie Haylock - A Suffolk Glossary
David Sheepshanks - The Tractor Boys: Ipswich Town 2000-2001
Josephine's Story - A More Gentle Country
Esther Freud - A Summer Fête
Brough Scott - Suffolk's Greatest Treasure
Bill Oppenheim - The Newmarket Sales
Frankel - A Champion Pedigree
Ronald Blythe - Staverton Thicks
Robin Robertson - Spring
Ralph Fiennes - My Father's Arms
Els Bottema and Lida Kindersley - One Shell Wide
Juliet Blaxland - The Cricket Match
Michael Ondaatje - The Saints
Jon Canter - New Neighbours
Libby Purves - Full Circle to Walberswick
Wilkie Collins - Magdalen at the Window
Lucy Hughes-Hallett - Sciapod
Penelope Fitzgerald - Not an Everyday Experience
Robin Robertson - On Time
James Hamilton - Freedom is the Only Manner: Gainsborough's Landscapes
Lucy Walker - A Safe Retreat: Britten and Pears at The Red House
Kenneth Clark - The Other Side of the Alde
M. R. James - 'Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad'
Blake Morrison - Covehithe
P. D. James - Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh in Suffolk
Roger Deakin - Swimming with Otters
Olivia Laing - A Late Frost
Melissa Harrison - Winter in Suffolk
Norman Scarfe - Islands
Susan Owens - On Constable
Richard Mabey - The Suffolk Nightingale
Michael Hamburger - In Suffolk
Helen Macdonald - Sun Birds and Cashmere Spheres: the Lost Orioles of Lakenheath, Suffolk
George Ewart Evans - The Wisdom of the Bees
Black Shuck - The Legend of the Black Dog of Bungay
Thea Smiley - The Wolf Pits
Paul Heiney - A Political Crisis for the Suffolk Punch
Robert Bloomfield - Ploughing in Spring
Adrian Bell - The Christmas Market in Bury St Edmunds
William Kendall - Lady Eve Balfour
W. G. Sebald - The Sailors' Reading Room, Southwold
Craig Brown - Thorpeness Scrapbook
Delia Smith - Eliza Acton's Hot Punch Sauce to serve with Steamed Puddings
Ralph of Coggeshall - The Wild Man of Orford
Julia Blackburn - Searching for Doggerland
Robert Macfarlane - Orfordness
Griff Rhys Jones - Windsong
Bobby Groves - Butley Creek
Karin Altenberg - Navigating Home
Diarmaid MacCulloch - A Government Inspector in Henry VIII's Suffolk
David Gentleman - The Yellow Digger
Rose Tremain - Lady Muck of the Vegetable World
Paul Binski - The Thornham Parva Retable
Matt Gaw - Nightscape
Albert Grant - An Adventure
John Norman - Northgate Street
Mayuri Patel - A Mutual Understanding
Charles Dickens - Mr Pickwick Journeys to Ipswich and Meets with a Romantic Adventure with a Middle-Aged Lady in Yellow Curl-Papers
Patricia Highsmith - Dreaming of Murder
Tom Hester - The Port of Felixstowe: A Busy Morning in May
Dean Parkin and Jack Rose - Growing up on the Beach
Donny Cole - A World of Its Own: The Lowestoft Fish Market
Kevin Crossley-Holland - A Quiet Mind
Richard Barber - Jocelin of Brakelond
Meg Rosoff - Heading for the Beach
India Knight - At Home in Suffolk
Ruth Rendell - The Molecatcher's Daughter
Maggi Hambling - Remembering Benton End
Lavinia Greenlaw - Slow Passage, Low Prospect
Richard Cobbold - A Bareback Ride for the Doctor
Peter Sager - Wool Churches, Tudor Mansions
Liz Trenow - From Spitalfields to Sudbury
Richard Negus - A Love Letter to the Hedge
Francis Young - Royal Bury St Edmunds
Carla Carlisle - The Other Side of Suffolk
Rod Thomson - Master Hugh and the Bury Bible
Amicia de Moubray - Ickworth
Simon Loftus - Reading Gardner's History
Ian Collins - From the Punjab to Elveden
Luke Wright - A12


A Note on the Editors
A Note from The Festival of Suffolk



May 2022

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Imprint: Boydell Press