The British Navy in Eastern Waters
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The British Navy in Eastern Waters

The Indian and Pacific Oceans

by John D Grainger

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Provides a comprehensive overview of the activities of the British navy in the Indian and Pacific Oceans from the earliest times to the present.

This book outlines the early voyages of the English East India Company, its building of its own naval forces and its conflicts with Indian states. It examines the opening up of the Pacific Ocean, the wars with the French in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and the activities of the British navy in the later nineteenth century, both off the coasts of China and Japan, and also in the many other places to which the navy's very great power extended. It goes on to consider the wars of the twentieth century, Britain's withdrawal from east of Suez, and Britain's continuing relative decline. Throughout, the book provides accounts of battles and other actions, and relates the activities of the British navy to the wider political situation and to the activities of other European and Asian navies.

Part I: The Company and the Bombay Marine

1. The Company's Early Struggles (1600-1625)

2. The Company Survives (1625-1680)

3. Interlopers and Union (1680-1710)

4. Wider Interests, Greater Threats (1710-1750)

Part II. The Bombay Marine and the Royal Navy

5. British Dominance Established (1748-1763)

6. The French Threat Continues (1763-1782)

7. The Decisive War (1782-1783)

8. A Ring of Enemies (1783-1803)

9 Destroying all Rivals (1803-1811)

Part III: The Royal Navy and the Indian Navy

10. The Company Reduced, its Empire Expanded (1811-1838)

11. Imperial Warfare (1838-1863)

12. The British Lake (1863-1935)

13. A Successful Defence (1935-1945)

14. Imperial Withdrawal (1945 and after)


John D. Grainger is the author of numerous books for a variety of publishers, including nine for Boydell and Brewer, including The British Navy in the Baltic, Dictionary of British Naval Battles, The First Pacific War: Britain and Russia, 1854-56 and The British Navy in the Caribbean.



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