Victorian Artists and their World 1844-1861
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Victorian Artists and their World 1844-1861

As reflected in the papers of Joanna and George Boyce and Henry Wells

Edited by Katie J T Herrington

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The diaries and letters of siblings Joanna and George Boyce, and Joanna's husband Henry Wells (published as The Boyce Papers in 2019) give us a rare insight into the working practices and milieu
of Victorian artists active in the mid-nineteenth century.

Reflecting on that rich source, this multifaceted volume provides a valuable set of case studies on topics that are not often treated on their own, but which are vital contexts of Victorian art. By addressing the
artistic work, practices and social circles of all three artists it reminds us that there is much more to this period than the Pre-Raphaelites, and that other styles and movements (such Aesthetic painting, to which Joanna and George Boyce contributed) flourished in their shade.

The experiences of Victorian artists and the realities of their world are brought to life as we follow the three painters' travels to continental European cities and their artistic training in Britain and France. We see them explore differing paint mediums and processes, become a part of the art market (its studios, clubs and societies), form relationships with patrons and take on other roles within the British artworld. We learn about the progress of women artists, as reflected in Joanna Boyce's career. George Boyce's unique vision is readdressed and the book also includes the first, full study of the career of Henry Wells, including his active involvement with the Royal Academy, taking us into the later decades of the nineteenth century.

By virtue of their differing artistic journeys the Boyce family artists provide a broad and multi-angled view of the mid-nineteenth century British art world. The essays by writers with a rich range of expertise - in art history, curation, materiality and life writing - explore Victorian artists' significant contributions to and interactions within their world.
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Katie J. T. Herrington

1. 'Fabrics of Enchantment': Artist travellers in mid-nineteenth-century Europe - Sue Bradbury
2. Opening young minds to art and knowledge: art training in mid-century London and Paris - Matthew Potter
3. From 'a nibble' to 'golden guineas': The British art market 1850-61 - Alicia Hughes
4. Paint and painting: The virtues and trials of practices exchanged by word of mouth - Joyce Townsend
5. Joanna Mary Boyce: In her own time - Pamela Gerrish Nunn
6. Joanna Mary Boyce: Beyond Pre-Raphaelitism - Katie J T Herrington
7. A Critical Career: Joanna Mary Boyce's Art Writings - Meaghan Clarke
8. George Price Boyce: A Unique Vision - Christiana Payne
9. George Price Boyce: Art Collector - Glenda Youde
10. Henry Tanworth Wells: Miniaturist and portrait painter of distinction -Katie J T Herrington, Louise Cooling and Alicia Hughes with contributions by Sue Bradbury and Mark Pomeroy

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KATIE J.T. HERRINGTON is a freelance art historian and curator and a Non-Stipend Postdoctoral Researcher affiliated with the University of York. She specialises in nineteenth-century British and European art, with a particular interest in women artists and the material qualities of paintings.



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382 Pages

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2 maps, 66 colour and 45 b/w illus.

Imprint: Boydell Press