The Postwar Fleet
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Series: Navy Records Society Publications

Series Vol. Number: 171

Imprint: The Navy Records Society

The Postwar Fleet

Volume I, 1944-1950

Edited by Jeremy Stocker

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The book begins in January 1944, the point at which serious thought started to be given to the size and shape of the future Navy. Postwar retrenchment meant the Admiralty needed to reduce spending on the Fleet and release manpower for the civilian economy, but also to adjust to the appearance of nuclear weapons and the incipient Cold War with the Soviet Union. Repeated financial crises upset plans almost as soon as they were made. The volume concludes with the outbreak of the Korean War in June 1950, which upset many previous planning assumptions and initiated a short-lived rearmament programme.

Subsequent volumes will continue the story through the 1950s and beyond.
Key Personalities

General Introduction

Part I: Wartime Planning for the Postwar Fleet, January 1944-August 1945
Part II: Postwar Retrenchment, August 1945-March 1947
Part III: The Nine-Year Plan, March 1947-November 1948
Part IV: The Revised Restricted Fleet, December 1948-June 1950

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Dr Jeremy Stocker is an Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute. He served as a Warfare Officer in the Royal Navy for 20 years, specialising in air defence, before transferring to the Royal Naval Reserve in 1996. Captain Stocker has seen active service in the Persian Gulf (1990) and in Afghanistan (2006). He retired in 2016. Jeremy's PhD was awarded by the University of Hull in 2003 for a thesis on British policy towards ballistic missile defence. His second book, Architects of Continental Seapower: Comparing Tirpitz and Gorshkov was published in 2021.



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620 Pages

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Series: Navy Records Society Publications

Series Vol. Number: 171

Imprint: The Navy Records Society