Goethe Yearbook 30
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Series: Goethe Yearbook

Series Vol. Number: 30

Imprint: Camden House

Goethe Yearbook 30

Edited by Patricia Anne Simpson and Birgit Tautz

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The Goethe Yearbook is a publication of the Goethe Society of North America, showcasing North American and international scholarship on Goethe and other authors and aspects of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Volume 30 seeks to prompt discussion of new directions in eighteenth-century scholarship with special sections on Enlightenment legacies of race and on the robust scholarship that rethinks the eighteenth-century body beyond the human organism. Beyond the two special sections there are articles on Wieland's Alceste, several essays on sex and gender (e.g., on Goethe's Werther; on gender, genre, and authorship in La Roche and Goethe; and on continued gender bias in scholarship on the German eighteenth century), a co-authored article on Goethe's Roman elegies, and an article on performativity and gestures in Kleist. The customary book review section rounds out the volume.
Editors' Preface
Patricia Anne Simpson and Birgit Tautz

Wielands Singspiel Alceste, ein Stein des Anstoßes für Goethe?
Hans Hahn
Lotte's Bird, Female Desire, and the Language of 'Sexuality' in Leiden des jungen Werthers
Carl Niekerk

La Roche and Goethe: Gender, Genre, and Authorship
Maryann Piel

The Persistence of Bias in Eighteenth-Century Studies
Margaretmary Daley

Things of Art and Amor: Mediation in Goethe's Römische Elegien
Sebastian Meixner and Carolin Rocks

Reading Performatively: Disruptive Gestures in Heinrich von Kleist
Katherine Pollock

Re-Examining (White) Enlightenment Legacies Through a German Lens
Birgit Tautz and Patricia Anne Simpson

Fractured Visions, New Horizons: Debates in Eighteenth-Century Studies Beyond German Studies
Birgit Tautz

Black Actors: Eighteenth-Century Cultures and Decolonial Fantasies
Patricia Anne Simpson

Interior Whiteness: Race and the "Rise of the Novel"
Sarah V. Eldridge

Racial Classification, Slavery, and Human Rights: The Impacts of the Transatlantic Order in Eighteenth-Century Germany
Sigrid Köhler and Claudia Nitzschke

Unexpected Bodies in the Eighteenth Century

Introduction and Select Bibliography
Patricia Anne Simpson and Birgit Tautz

Mind over Body? Stigma, Staring, and the Self
Anna C. Spafford

Unexpected Bodies of Water: On the "Blue" Goethezeit
Benjamin D. Schluter

Queering Material Nature: Bewitched Bodies and the Limits of the Enlightenment
Melissa Sheedy

Plants as Unexpected Bodies
Heather Sullivan

Euphorion as an Aesthetic Body
Heidi Grek

Book Reviews

PATRICIA ANNE SIMPSON is Professor of German at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

BIRGIT TAUTZ is George Taylor Files Professor of Modern Languages and German at Bowdoin College.



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228 Pages

2.28 x 1.52 cm

4 b/w illus.

Series: Goethe Yearbook

Series Vol. Number: 30

Imprint: Camden House