The Brecht Yearbook / Das Brecht-Jahrbuch 47
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Series: Brecht Yearbook

Series Vol. Number: 47

Imprint: Camden House

The Brecht Yearbook / Das Brecht-Jahrbuch 47

Edited by Markus Wessendorf

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An annual volume, this time with special attention to the relevance of Brecht's work in today's world of resurgent authoritarianism and the need for resistance.

The Brecht Yearbook is the central scholarly forum for discussion of Brecht's life and work and of topics of particular interest to him, especially the politics of literature and of theater in a global context. Embracing a wide variety of perspectives and approaches, like Brecht himself it is committed to the use value of literature, theater, and theory.
Volume 47 features the special section "Brecht Post-2020: Fascism and Misinformation, Resistance and Intersectionality," with articles on Fear and Misery of the Third Reich and today's surge in autocracy, on an adaptation of The Measures Taken and Brazil's right-wing turn, on Brecht's exile poetry as a model for truth in an era of fake news, and on the relevance of Brecht's late-1940s adaptations of plays about resistance, among others. Varied new research on Brecht follows: essays on the 1919 Spartacist uprising's influence on Drums in the Night, on the anti-Stalinist critique in the prologue to The Caucasian Chalk Circle, on a recent Korean production of the same play in traditional Changgeuk style, and on Mei Lanfang's performances in Moscow in 1935 that Brecht most likely attended. The final essay considers Brecht's unfinished exile poem "Garden in progress" and the inherent incompletion of artworks and historical processes.
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Jürgen Hillesheim (Augsburg)
Bertolt Brecht und Thomas Mann auf einer Seite! Die Stuttgarter Stimme vom 3. August 1945

Anja Hartl (Konstanz)
Brecht, Brexit, and Beyond: An Interview with Simon Stephens

Brecht Post-2020: Fascism and Misinformation, Resistance, and Intersectionality
Aldo Milohnić and Jakob Ribič (Ljubljana)
Fear and Misery of Fascist and Autocratic Regimes

Artur Kon and Maria Tendlau (São Paulo)
"Behind crumbling doors / Untiringly advising / The fate of the world": Brecht's The Measures Taken in Quarantined Neofascist Brazil

N. D. Jones (Durham, NC)
Poetry after (Post-)Truth: Aesthetic Resistance to the Politics of Misinformation in Brecht's Svendborg Poems

Curtis Swope (San Antonio)
Brecht, Resistance in the Late 1940s, Resistance Today

Ruth Schmidt (Bochum)
"Taking Radar Ornithology as a Guide"-Theater für unser wissenschaftliches Zeitalter nach Brecht

Florian Vaßen (Hannover)
Intersektionalität ohne Gender? Klassismus-, Rassismus- und Kolonialismus-Kritik in Bertolt Brechts Die Ausnahme und die Regel

New Brecht Research
Helmut Gier (Augsburg)
Die Augsburger Spartakus-Unruhen und Bertolt Brechts Drama Trommeln in der Nacht

Albert Earle Gurganus (Raleigh, NC)
Germ of Brecht's Anti-Stalinist Iconoclasm: The Prologue to The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Eun Hee Lee (Seoul)
Interkulturelle Transformationen zwischen dem epischen Theater und dem traditionellen koreanischen Musiktheater Changgeuk am Beispiel von Brechts Der kaukasische Kreidekreis

Klaus-Dieter Krabiel (Frankfurt)
Bertolt Brecht und der chinesische Schauspieler Mei Lanfang

Bryan Klausmeyer (Blacksburg, VA)
"Living Drafts": Brecht's Poetics of Exile in "Garden in progress"

Book Reviews
David Barnett (York, UK)
Anja Hartl. Brecht and Post-1990s British Drama. Dialectical Theatre Today

Azadeh Sharifi (Toronto)
Elisabeth Tropper. Enter the Ghosts of Europe. Heimsuchungen Europas im Theater der Gegenwart

Lesley Hughes (Platteville, WI)
Jonathan Wipplinger. The Jazz Republic: Music, Race, and American Culture in Weimer Germany;
Mark Christian Thompson. Anti-Music: Jazz and Racial Blackness in German Thought between the Wars

Marc Silberman (Madison)
Lydia J. White. Theater des Exils: Bertolt Brechts "Der Messingkauf"

Sai Bhatawadekar (Honolulu)
Dr. Prateek. Brecht in India. The Poetics and Politics of Transcultural Theatre

Phoebe von Held (London)
Melanie Reichert. Kultur in Stücken: Barthes, Brecht, Artaud

Reiner Steinweg (Linz)
Florian Vaßen. "einfach zerschmeißen." Brecht-Material: Lyrik-Prosa-Theater-Lehrstück. Mit einem Blick auf Heiner Müller

Notes on the Contributors

MARKUS WESSENDORF is a Professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa in Honolulu.



November 2022


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Series: Brecht Yearbook

Series Vol. Number: 47

Imprint: Camden House