Historians and Ideologues
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Historians and Ideologues

Studies in Early Modern Intellectual History

Edited by Anthony T Grafton

by J.H.M. Salmon

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The influence of historiography on aspects of political thought in France, Italy and Germany.

In recent years the overlap between political thought and historiography has changed the boundaries of intellectual history. Donald Kelley, the longtime editor of The Journal of the History of Ideas has played a leading part in this process. These essays by his friends and former students follow in his footsteps. The collection is divided into three parts: France, England [six essays], and Italy and Germany [four essays]. Anthony Grafton and John Salmon provide an introduction, and the volume concludes with a bibliography of Donald Kelley's many works. Historians and Ideologues is designed for those with an interest in the contribution of historiography to political thought, and will be a timely addition to the growing reaction against the postmodern scepticism in historiographical research in this field.

Contributors include Ann Blair, Julian Franklin, Kathleen Parrow, David Harris Sacks, Sarah Hanley, Daniel Woolf, Gordon Schochet, Joseph Levine, John Pocock, Perez Zagorin, William Connell, Donald Phillip Verene, and Michael Carhart.

Anthony Grafton is a Professor in the Department of History at Princeton University.
John Salmon is the Marjorie Walter Goodheart Emeritus Professor of History at Bryn Mawr College.
Learning in the Life of a Sixteenth-Century Nobleman: The Case of Nicolas de Livre, Friend of Jean Bodin - Ann Blair
The Question of Sovereignty in Bodin's Account of Fundamental Law - Julian Franklin
Prudence or Jurisprudence? Etienne Pasquier and the Responsa Prudentium as a Source of Law - Kathleen Parrow
The Pursuit of Legal Knowledge and the Genesis of French Society in Early Modern France - Sarah Hanley
The Prudence of Thrasymachus: Sir Thomas Smith and the Commonwealth of England - David H. Sacks
In Praise of Older Things: Notions of Age and Antiquity in early Modern England - Daniel Woolf
Persuading the Heart: Appeals to Conscience in the English Revolution - Gordon Schochet
From Tradition to History: Chillingworth to Gibbon - Joseph Levine
The "Outlines of the History of the World": A Problematic Essay by Edward Gibbon - John Pocock
Thomas Carlyle and Oliver Cromwell - Perez Zagorin
Machiavelli on Growth as an End - William J. Connell / Chair
Tommaso Campanella, Dissimulation, and the Monarcia di Spagna - Joseph Scalzo
Giambattista Vico and the New Art of Autobiography - Prof Donald Verene
Anthropology and Statistik in the Gottingisches Historisches Magazin (1784-1794) - Michael Carhart
"Will be a timely addition to the growing reaction against the postmodern scepticism in historiographical research in this field." INTELLECTUAL NEWS
"This unusually weighty collection of essays contains much that will be useful to specialists, and plenty of food for thought for anyone interested in early-modern European history." ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW, Feb 2003



May 2001


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Imprint: University of Rochester Press