Suppressed Composers in the Netherlands
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Suppressed Composers in the Netherlands

Forbidden Music in the Second World War

Edited by Carine Alders and Eleonore Pameijer

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An edited collection that assesses the music of 34 Dutch composers who were persecuted by the Nazis during World War Two.

German occupation during the Second World War destroyed the careers of many Dutch composers. Some of them fled or went into hiding; many were murdered. In the Netherlands alone, at least 35 composers were persecuted, and most were then forgotten. Among them were Jewish composers like Daniël Belinfante, Dick Kattenburg, Leo Smit and Rosy Wertheim, but there were also figures from abroad who had sought refuge in the Netherlands, like Hans Lachmann and Ferenc Weisz, as well as those who had to go into hiding or were incarcerated because of their resistance activities, like Jan van Gilse and Marius Flothuis. What music had these men and women composed in the Netherlands during the interbellum? What did the survivors write with the return of peace? And what damage to the fabric of Dutch musical history was done by the Nazi tyranny?
Foreword: A Legacy of Enormous Value - Michael Haas
Introduction: Carine Alders and Eleonore Pameijer

1. Daniël Belinfante - Marcel Worms
2. Johanna Bordewijk-Roepman - Elly Kamp
3. Henriëtte Bosmans - Helen H. Metzelaar
4. Fania Chapiro - Margaret Krill
5. Lex van Delden - Margaret Krill
6. Sem Dresden - Geert van den Dungen
7. Marius Flothuis - Joyce Kiliaan
8. Géza Frid - Arthur Frid
9. Jan van Gilse - Hans van Dijk
10. Simon Gokkes - Diet Scholten
11. Bob Hanf - Eleonore Pameijer
12. Paul (Pál) Hermann - Carine Alders
13. Julius Hijman - Carine Alders
14. Mischa Hillesum - Jan Willem Regenhardt
15. Dick Kattenburg - Carine Alders
16. Leo Kok - Marcel Worms
17. Hans Krieg - Aagje Pabbruwe
18. Hans Lachman - Eleonore Pameijer
19. Bertus van Lier - Hans van Lier
20. Ignace Lilien - Frans van Ruth
21. Israel Olman - Pauline Micheels
22. Wilhelm Rettich - Diet Scholten
23. Nico Richter - Julia Muller-van Santen
24. Andries de Rosa - Diet Scholten
25. Samuel Schuijer - Carine Alders
26. Paul Seelig - Henk Mak van Dijk
27. Leo Smit - Jurjen Vis
28. Theo Smit Sibinga - Henk Mak van Dijk
29. Martin Spanjaard - Carine Alders
30. Zoltán Székely - Joop Leijendeckers
31. Marjo Tal - Esther Blom
32. Max Vredenburg - Aagje Pabbruwe
33. Ferenc/Franz Weisz - Annette de Klerk-Roggeveen
34. Rosy Wertheim - Eleonore Pameijer


CARINE ALDERS is a musicologist who worked for ten years as executive director of the Leo Smit Foundation in Amsterdam. She is currently engaged on a Ph.D. research project on suppressed composers in the Netherlands, their networks and roles in pre-war musical life and the circumstances that brought about their oblivion

ELEONORE PAMEIJER is a flautist and founder and artistic director of the Leo Smit Foundation, working with Carine Alders for ten years. In their 'Uilenburg Concert' series, she programmed and performed many post-war premieres of this long-forgotten music. She also made first recordings of the works of almost all of these composers, to a warm international reception.



May 2024


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356 Pages

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11 colour and 61 b/w illus.

Imprint: Toccata Press