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Women and Politics in Uganda
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320 Pages

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Imprint: James Currey

Women and Politics in Uganda

The Challenge of Associational Autonomy

by Aili Mari Tripp

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A detailed study of the impact of gender on the politics of Uganda.
This study analyses the interrelationship between national and local politics and the women's movement in Africa. It covers: women's mobilization and social autonomy; the background to the National Resistance Movement; and decentralization and women's participation in Uganda.

North America: University of Wisconsin Press; Uganda: Fountain Publishers

AILI MARI TRIPP is Wangari Maathai Professor of Political Science and Genderand Women's Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

"Women and Politics in Uganda is a rich and detailed study of the impact of gender on the political environment of Uganda. The product of considerable and extensive empirical research and fieldwork, its methodology is based on wide-ranging interviews and survey material that highlight the lives and life-chances of very different women...[It] is a fascinating study and should be commended as a significant contribution to the study of gender relations and the politics of power. This work is essential reading, not only for those interested in the nuances of state and society within an African nation, but also for those concerned with the lives of the poor and disadvantaged." Heather Deegan, INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS
"...shows, through interview and case studies of conflicts between women's associations and local level authorities, how that nation's women's movement was established with surprising rapidity and considerable autonomy from the state, making itself a powerful force." Margaret Snyder, CHOICE
"...this book will be standard citation for academics and activists in the area of gender and politics in Africa." Sylvia Tamale, NEW VISION



January 2000


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Imprint: James Currey