The Journals of Captain James Cook on his Voyages of Discovery
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Imprint: Boydell Press

The Journals of Captain James Cook on his Voyages of Discovery

Edited from the Original Manuscripts: Four Volumes and a Portfolio

Edited by J.C. Beaglehole

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The classic edition of Cook's journals, containing the accounts of his three great voyages of discovery in the Endeavour and the Resolution, 1768 to 1780.
This classic set of three volumes in four books plus portfolio, edited from the original manuscripts, provides for the first time a complete, reliable and authoritative text of Cook's account of his voyages of discovery. Publishedover many years, complete sets of previous edition shave been hard to come by. This reissue makes more widely available to historians a vast range of material relating to all aspects of 18th-century scientific advances.
Thevolumes contain Cook's accounts of his three great voyages in the Endeavour and the Resolution; introductions and detailed notes accompany the texts, and extracts from the journals of Cook's shipmates are printed asappendices. A separate portfolio contains the manuscript charts and views drawn by Cook and his officers, which he regarded as an essential complement to his Journals.

BIBLIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS (All 234 x 156 unlessstated)
I. The Voyage of the Endeavour, 1768-1771: 21 maps, 26 b/w illustrations, cclxxxiv + 696pp
II. The Voyage of the Resolution and Adventure, 1772-1775: Col. frontis., 20 maps, 62 b/w illustrations, clxx + 1028pp
III. The Voyage of the Resolution and Discovery, 1776-1780
i. Col. frontis., 16 maps, 65 b/w illustrations, ccxxiv + 720pp;
ii. 2 maps, 11 b/w illustrations, viii + 928pp
Portfolio: Charts and Views Drawn by Cook and his Officers: 68 charts and views, viii + 68pp, 377 x 248
"A principal source for understanding European exploration of the Pacific in the eighteenth century. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW The most important book ever written about Cook." IAN BOREHAM, THE CAPTAIN COOK STUDY UNIT.

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January 1968


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4134 Pages

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Imprint: Boydell Press