Opera for a New Republic
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Opera for a New Republic

The Zeitopern of Krenek, Weill, and Hindemith

by Susan C Cook

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An exploration of avant-garde music and operatic form in Weimar Germany

Weimar Germany -- the age of Bauhaus and Brecht -- was a time of significant activity in all areas of the artistic avant-garde. Musicologist Susan Cook explores this intriguing period in a look at Zeitoper (topical opera)and its primary exponents, Ernst Krenek, Kurt Weill and Paul Hindemith. Zeitoper has proved to be of importance as an experimental form that broadened the definition of modern opera and musical theatre, incorporating elements previously thought unsuitable. Celebrating modern life in its libretti, its scores borrowed heavily from American dance music and jazz.
Opera for a New Republic is the first book to provide a broad historical,cultural and artistic context for the development of this operatic genre. Through it we learn that Zeitoper, although short-lived, has proved to be a vital component in the development of twentieth-century operatic style.

Susan Cook is Professor of Musicology at the University of Wisconsin.
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1. Introduction: The Weimar Republic and Musical Life
2. New Opera for a New Republic
3. Neue Sachlichkeit and Zeittheater: The Zeitoper and Concurrent Artistic Trends
4. Jazz: The Sound of the New World
5. Ernst Krenek: Jonny spielt auf
6. Kurt Weill: Der Zar lässt sich photographieren
7. Paul Hindemith: Neues vom Tage
8. Conclusion: Works by Schreker, d'Albert, Toch, Brand, Rathaus, Grosz, Antheil, and Schoenberg
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January 1988


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Imprint: University of Rochester Press